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Dec 19, 2017

2.009 Recap: wearables, games, and other SUPER products

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Last week, I posted the webcast of the final presentations for 2.009 (Product Engineering Processes), a capstone product design course in Course 2 (MechE). As promised, I wanted to follow up with a recap blog post this week now that the 2.009 staff has posted the final presentation videos

You can watch the full video here: 

If you would like to watch a particular team demo a particular product, you can use these timestamp links to skip ahead to that point in the video: 

  • Silver team: fireSense, a wearable for firefighters that can detect if a room is unsafe to enter without opening the door (brochure
  • Red team: Blink, glasses that allow those living with extremely limited motor function (e.g. ALS patients) to control smart home devices with their eyes (brochure
  • Green teamtachi, a board game platform for the visually impaired and sighted to play together (brochure
  • Pink team: Volti, a hands-free music page turner for musicians (brochure
  • Blue team: Robin, a wearable that provides real-time haptic feedback to help those who are hard of hearing modulate their voice (brochure
  • Yellow team: Coordinate, a system that provides real-time feedback via mesh networking for search and rescue teams (brochure
  • Purple team: Animo, a wearable that detects Parkinson's tremors and vibrates antiresonantly to neutralize them (brochure
  • Orange team: Rhino, a device for masons to help speed up, and clean up, the repair of brick facades (brochure

If you'd like to learn more about the class, you can watch this mini-documentary following the Silver team through the process: 

the build challenge from early in the class to get students accustomed to collaborating in order to build things that solve problems: 

and a recap of some fond memories from the class: 

2.009 is definitely one of those "only at MIT" kind of classes. I love going to the finals every year and seeing what the students who we help admit end up designing for the world! 

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