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Apr 4, 2007

Answers To Recent Questions!

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I'm kind of confused - if we want to commit to MIT, we simply bubble in the appropriate bubble? There is no deposit required?"

No deposit required! Just be sure to return the MIT Reply Form by May 1st.


The schedule looks fantastic - for the kids. There don't seem to be many activities for the parents other than a reception and some financial aid meetings. Not complaining, just want to get the facts straight so that we can plan. Are we free to roam after we've dropped off Junior?

You're free to be just as busy and have just as much fun as Junior! Here are my recommendations for parents:

9:00am-5:00pmCome meet yours truly at the registration desk! I promise to entertain you!
3:00pm-4:00pmIntro to Housing and Dining. This will be a great overview of the variety of options your son or daughter will have.
4:00pm–5:10pmLearning Abroad Panel. Everything you ever wanted to know about study-abroad (and research-abroad and internship-abroad) opportunities at MIT.
5:30pm-7:15pmMinority Parent Reception. Nance runs this show, and as you all know, Nance never disappoints.
7:30pm–8:45pmOfficial Welcome for Parents. Perhaps one of the more important things to show up for. ;-)

9:00am-10:30amPresident's Welcome and Faculty Keynote Lecture.
10:30am-11:30amUndergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Panel. If you (or your son or daughter) are interested in research opportunities for undergrads at MIT, you should definitely check this out.
10:30am-1:00pmCareers Office Open House. Worried about whether or not Junior will be employable with an MIT degree? Fear not after attending this.
10:30am-1:00pmMIT Medical Reception. Come learn about our excellent medical staff and facilities.
1:00pm-3:00pmStudent Life and Learning Panel for Parents. This is another one I'd put on my "must do" list. Academics are only one part of an MIT education - and this will tell you about much of the rest.
2:00pm–4:00pmAcademic/Arts Fair and Athletics Fair. Pretty self-explanatory.
3:00pm-4:00pmFinancial Aid and Financial Services Session for Parents. Also pretty self-explanatory.
3:00pm-5:00pmOverview of Campus Dining and TechCASH. You give Junior money (in the form of TechCASH), Junior spends your money. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Come learn the details.
4:00pm–5:00pmFreshman/Alumni Summer Internship Program Panel. Come learn about FASIP!
4:00pm–5:10pmMIT Learning Abroad Panel. (Same as 4PM Thurs.)
4:00pm-5:15pmIntroduction to Project Interphase.
5:00pm–6:30pmParent Reception with Parent Connectors & Alumni Association. Future MIT Parents interfacing with Current MIT Parents. Always a huge success every year.
8:30pm-10:00pmMeet the Bloggers. Come meet these guys! I'll save you some ice cream.

8:30am-10:00amInsights for Parents by Parents.
10:00am-11:00amPanel on Freshman/Alumni Summer Internship Program. (same as 4PM Friday)
10:15am-11:45amResidence Life Advising Panel for Parents.
11:30am–12:30pmCareers Office Pre-Health Panel. Is Junior thinking about a career in medicine? This would be a good one to attend.
12:00pm-2:00pmHousemasters' Brunch. Come meet all of the faculty and staff who are brave enough to live in the dorms with your kids! You'll get a sense of what great hands they'll be in.
1:00pm-3:00pmActivities Fair. We have almost 350 student groups! Come learn about them. :-)
2:00pm-5:00pmResidence Open Houses / Tours. MIT's various housing options are unique and diverse - this is a great way to explore some of them.
5:30pm-8:00pmCPW Closing Remarks and A Cappella Concert. This is where we tell you how much we love you, followed by some of the best a cappella in the country.
8:00pm-11:00pmMarilee and Ben rock the house @ Battle of the Bands. Need I say more?

Whenever.Tear child and/or spouse away from MIT with the promise that she/he can return in the fall.

And hopefully you'll also find some time in there to explore Boston and Cambridge!


Can I fill in YES on the MIT response sheet and accept a spot on another school's waitlist at the same time? Would this be a violation of the rules (and thus endanger my MIT acceptance)? Thanks!

Yes you may - this won't violate any rules. We know that some students will accept our offer of admission while remaining on the waitlist for another school.


When will we know who our CPW hosts are?

Host matching is taking place as I write this and should be finished in a few days. Your host will likely contact you via email or telephone prior to CPW to arrange meeting up when you arrive, but please don't worry if you don't hear anything prior to arrival! Everyone will get a host. :-)


Any last thoughts?

Hey, thanks for asking! My big thought of the day is: CPW IS A WEEK AWAY AND I'M PSYCHED OUT OF MY MIND.

Seriously, this is my favorite weekend of the year. You guys have no idea what you're in for. :-) Also, true story: more of you have registered to attend CPW than any previous class, and "the more the merrier" definitely applies to CPW.

It's gonna be awesome.

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First post and w00t, I am super psyched!

Also, Ben, make sure to check out the new profile pic on the facebook group tonight at about 11 pm EST, I think you'll appreciate it. . .


Posted by: Snively on April 4, 2007

Im psyched too

Posted by: amy on April 4, 2007

"Tear child and/or spouse away from MIT with the promise that she/he can return in the fall"

LOL ! That sureky must be happening with 99.99% of the students.

Posted by: 0 on April 4, 2007

Can't wait for CPW, It was already tons of fun meeting the Houston kids that got accepted at the party last week and I can't even imagine what it will be like with almost 50 times the 20 kids I've already met. If the awesome admitted students that I've already met are any indication (a tabla player, a girl who started a robotics club this semester, this beautiful girl that raises cattle and her physics tutor, etc.,etc.), then the class of 2011 is going to be totally awesome. As I stood in the house of an MIT alum chatting it up with my future classmates, I realized how wonderfully awesome the admissions people are. We were all so diverse, not one-dimensional at all, and I proud to be a part of such a group.

Posted by: K. The Rustagi '11 on April 4, 2007

is mit impossible?

Posted by: admitted student on April 4, 2007

hey ben, just out of curiosity, when will we receive some sort of confirmation mit has received our paperwork and we are officially enrolled?

Posted by: Mike A. '11 on April 4, 2007

Hey Ben, another question!! Can we accept the offer of admission online? I think I lost the form lol

Posted by: milena '11 on April 4, 2007

See you there next year, Ben! I will definitely have to be torn away...

Posted by: Daniel '12 on April 4, 2007

Completely on cloud nine. CPW... a week from tomorrow!!!!! Yipee for class of 2011! Yipee Yipee Yipee (A little overexcited maybe? but who cares) Four days of MIT FUN : D
p.s. there won't be overcrowding at the events if there are so many more of us this year, right?

Posted by: bon on April 4, 2007


Just read through the schedule and I am trying to figure out a way to be in about 5-7 places at once.

Posted by: Jillian on April 4, 2007

I can't wait smile

Posted by: Diana on April 4, 2007

yipee!! I can't wait until CPW!!! Thabks to spring break and CPW, i get 2 weeks off of school. yay!

Posted by: Fred on April 4, 2007

For ya all MIT Prospective smile

Posted by: FlameBird on April 5, 2007

Sure Ben, I reckon this is the job that you are master-crafted to do. And you know what? You look awesome, while writing this all. As you are born for it. Go Ben.

Posted by: Vishaque on April 6, 2007

Sorry, faintly off topic, but when should we have our AP scores reported?

I'm a sophomore, so is it too early to have my scores reported? i mean, i'll be applying in 2 years, so where will they end up? should i just send in a copy of the score report with my app later on?

And yeah, i apologize for posting this on nearly every active post. :D

Posted by: Kiran on April 7, 2007

Hi Ben! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I am an international student and MIT '11. I am going to buy the plane ticket soon. I was wondering if there is an international student orientation before the freshmen orientation on August 26th. Also, can we come and settle in our dorms earlier than August 26th?
Thanks again!

Posted by: YG on April 7, 2007

I just have a quick question about registration for CPW. I registered way back in March and when I checked back my info was still entered in the online form. So I guess that means I am registered? (We weren't supposed to receive a confirmation e-mail of any sort, right?)I am asking because I think I used one of the browsers that weren't fully compatible with the registration page, but it seemed to work. Thank you so much.

Posted by: Anna Shcherbina'11 on April 8, 2007

This is a really random question... but regarding the housing preferences form, when we number our choices, is it frowned upon to do something other than just numbering them straight 1-10? For example, would it be bad to say:
1: Dorm x
2. Dorm y
4. Dorm z
to demonstrate a large distance between the second and third choices? Or do you just re-number everything 1-10 anyway?


Posted by: Kristin K. '11 on April 17, 2007

I was wondering...when will we be notified that MIT has received our acceptance of admission? I mailed my form in yesterday, and it would just be comfortable to know that MIT did receive my response and it wasn't lost in the mail.


Posted by: 0 on April 18, 2007

Could you tell me a little about
1)the number of courses/the combinations that can be taken
2)how/when to apply for MIT?

I'm 15 now, and in High School in India... help?

Posted by: Sahana on April 22, 2007

Hi, Ben,

I see that there is a frequently asked question over on College Confidential for which I can't provide a handy link to the MIT Admissions Web site for a definitive answer. (At least, I haven't found the exact link, although I'm sure what the answer must be.) The question is,

Is Retaking the SAT Generally Bad?

and it is posed by someone who aspires to apply to MIT. I've seen much the same question come up on the Art of Problem Solving College Forum, so this must be the season when high school students are wondering about whether a retake before the admission application deadline is a bad idea. I think a lot of people would love to know MIT's answer to this frequently asked question.

Thanks very much for all of your information. Best wishes to the new class of '11 students. I hope I'll see you here sometime when you're doing recruiting travel.

Posted by: tokenadult on April 25, 2007

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