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Ben Jones

Mar 31, 2008

CPW Registration - Important!

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Howdy folks,

Some quick messages from CPW HQ!

If you haven't yet registered for CPW: the deadline is TODAY! Please log into your MyMIT account and fill out the CPW registration form asap. If you don't have a MyMIT account, you can call the CPW hotline (617.258.6085) to register via telephone.

If you have already registered for CPW: please log into your MyMIT account and confirm that your registration was recorded by the system. Simply click on the "Registration" link in the CPW portlet - if you see your registration information, you're all set. If the form is blank, however, then your registration was not received by MIT. This has happened to a few students who didn't register using one of the recommended browsers (Safari or Explorer). If your form is blank, you'll need to register again.

Thanks, and see you all in less than 2 weeks! :-)


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Whooo! CPW here we come!

Posted by: 0 on March 31, 2008


Posted by: Isshak on March 31, 2008

looking forward to it!!

Posted by: mom'12 on March 31, 2008

@ Isshak - lol, perfect. grin Paul thinks I'm a hippie for suggesting that, but it's so much better than "first!!!"

Posted by: Ben on March 31, 2008

I needed some of the information from the sheet and I accidentally hit submit again today, so if you're struggling to find the difference, there is none, I'm just a fool =)

Posted by: Chris on March 31, 2008

Wish I could come, but our prom is that weekend and I don't think my date would be too happy with me canceling at the last minute. :D

Posted by: Drew '12 on March 31, 2008

w00t CPW!
so psyched!

Posted by: MiniPocketsized on March 31, 2008

I'm sorry about the twenty copies of my registration (or so) that you probably have floating around the office - I just really want to go smile Also I had to make changes.

If my dad hasn't bought plane tickets yet, when is the latest that I can e-mail the office to let them know that he's coming?

Posted by: Karen '12 on March 31, 2008

Are we allowed to sleep (I know, sleep, novel concept) in dorms other than our host's during CPW, if we want to?

Posted by: Amy '12 on March 31, 2008

Ben, that's because you are an amazing, modern hippie. :D

@Amy '12: You have basically complete freedom during CPW. If you really want to, sleeping in a dorm or other living group besides your host's should be just fine. Although you should let your host know, of course. smile

Posted by: Paul on March 31, 2008

So, when do we find out about hosts?

Posted by: 0 on March 31, 2008

10 DAYS!

Posted by: Davorama on March 31, 2008

I'm so excited for CPW! I get to skip Thursday and Friday of school. And then again the week after for Princeton's admit weekend.

Man, I'm going to be missing a lot of school this April.

Posted by: mtm on March 31, 2008

I just realized that I forgot to fill out the medical release form, and my dad will be in Kiev until Thursday...can it be sent in later?

Posted by: anon on March 31, 2008

We hosts find out who we're hosting this Sunday, April 6, at our 8pm training meeting. Then we contact you! Expect an email next week from the lucky student who you'll be staying with. They'll introduce themselves and tell you all you need to know about what to bring, where to go when you arrive, and how totally psyched they are to have been matched with a prefrosh!!

Posted by: Teresa '11 on March 31, 2008

I'm so excited!!!! Do you ever get time to sleep and shower? Because I have heard some horror stories

Posted by: 0 on March 31, 2008

I'm so excited!!!! Do you ever get time to sleep and shower? Because I have heard some horror stories

Posted by: katie '12 on March 31, 2008

COME TO CPW. It is four days of sheer and utter wonder.

Posted by: Jess on March 31, 2008

CPW is going to be the best! After today, I can officially put the '12 behind my name now, and it feels absolutely amazing. My dream is coming true smile

Posted by: Raina '12 on March 31, 2008



Posted by: Becky '12 on March 31, 2008

@ amy '12

from what i've heard, you don't sleep during cpw

Posted by: keshav '12 on March 31, 2008

what's CPW?


to Ben Jones (if he ever read this coments...)

I´m a third semester mechanical engineer brazilian student and, I'm interested in taking Aeronautics and Astronautics course from your school
is this qualifies as a transfer or as a freshman admission?

thanks in advance

Posted by: Victor on March 31, 2008

How is it possible that MIT doesn't support Firefox? Seriously?

Posted by: 0 on March 31, 2008

To the Anonymous above me- I was equally disappointed by the lack of support for Firefox. I mean, seriously. I can understand like, Opera or something, but Firefox? I cried a little inside.

Also, I am FREAKING PUMPED for CPW. I just thought I'd clarify in case the umpteen posters above me hadn't made that sentiment clear enough.

Posted by: Shannon on March 31, 2008

do they send a schedule of classes that are open to pre-frosh?? Because I read somewhere that they do, but I have yet to receive anything

Posted by: 0 on March 31, 2008

The schedule of open classes will be available when you arrive at CPW - it'll be in the rather awesome folder you get (including the much-coveted, hugely gigantic booklet listing all the official events).

Posted by: Paul on April 1, 2008

I had a question about financial aid:

If we get x amount of support from the MIT FA dept, is that in loans, or is that a scholarship? Does that mean that I have to pay back the x amount of dollars on interest? And what does the "Self Help Award" mean?


Posted by: Sareena '12 on April 1, 2008

@ Karen - no worries, just let us know whenever you have the info. grin

@ Amy - yep, like Paul said, you basically have complete freedom, but it's always good to keep your host updated on your plans.

@ Anonymous - as Teresa noted, your host will hopefully get in touch with you early next week after attending the hosting meeting on Sunday.

@ Anon - if you can't send in the medical release form prior to arriving on campus, you should bring it with you when you come. Unfortunately we can't register you without that form if you're not yet 18 years of age.

@ Katie - shower, yes. Sleep - only if you want to, and you probably won't want to.

@ Victor - not totally sure of the specifics of your situation - I'd email [email protected] with the details and we'll help you figure it out.

@ Anonymous - just the CPW registration form; everything else seems to work fine on Firefox. I keep bugging the tech folks about Firefox & CPW - no idea why it doesn't work!

@ Anonymous - see Paul's post just below yours.

@ Sareena - it could be any of the above; without seeing your award letter I'm not sure. I'm no expert on financial aid though; you'll want to ask the master over at


Posted by: Ben on April 1, 2008

@ Ben

Ok , I have send a email a few days ago


Posted by: Victor on April 1, 2008

If someone was supposed to host you but didn't sign up in time to be a CPW host, is it possible for them to still host me? Or should I just stick w/ my assigned host?

Posted by: Maggie on April 1, 2008

@ Maggie - shoot an email to [email protected] and have your host do the same. No promises that it will get into the system in time for host matching, but we'll try!

Posted by: Ben on April 2, 2008

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