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Ben Jones

Jul 31, 2006

I Am Not As Lame As I Appear

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I've just been feverishly at work on the new website because Mollie starts tomorrow and I needed to get things to a certain point so that she'll be able to do the work that I've hired her to do. So everything else has been on the back burner.

But I got all of your blog applications (thanks!) and I have a file with all of your questions which I'll answer soon.

Or maybe I'll just make Mollie do it. Bwahahahahaha!

P.S. Nance's 40th birthday party was off the hook. He had a stretch limo and Tina made him wear this bright red crown all night... he was such a good sport. We had so much fun that it almost made me want to be 40... um, NOT

Don't worry Nancey, that's the only one I'll post. ;-)

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But I want to see more pictures!

And the answer to your question is 1:15 PM. In other words, T+2 hours.

Posted by: Laura on July 31, 2006

Hi Ben!

Just a quick question: For folks who are applying again, do we have to make a new MyMIT account? My current account's "MIT Entrance Year" is fixed at "2006".

Thanks and Regards

Posted by: 0 on July 31, 2006


Posted by: Christina on July 31, 2006

"I have a file with all of your questions which I'll answer soon.

Or maybe I'll just make Mollie do it."

Oh, I'll DO it. Whether or not you want me to do it is another story. tongue laugh

Dear applicant,

Unfortunately, Ben is very busy at the moment and cannot respond to your query. However, please accept his home phone number, home address, cell phone number, and daily schedule in lieu of personal correspondence at this time.

Thanks and best of luck,


assistant extraordinaire

Posted by: Mollie on July 31, 2006

Dude, Mollie totally just owned you. Mollie: 1, Ben-O: -10

You'll note I factored in your former comments directed at me as well.

I want to see more pictures.

Posted by: Michael Borohovski on August 1, 2006

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