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Ben Jones

May 19, 2005

Meet The Admissions Staff

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I've been trying to think of a good way to kick off the new admissions cycle (class of 2010 - woot!) and it's finally come to me. We had our annual admissions retreat yesterday, an all-day event that took place off campus at the MIT Endicott House.

Various presentations were given on the previous year. We discussed things that worked really well, and set new goals for this cycle. I'm very excited to embark on my second year.

But the "serious" stuff was only one part of the day. We also had lots of fun - including a hysterical presentation by an etiquette consultant (Did you know that your name tag should always go on the right? Do you know why?), and a flower-pot-decorating competition.

To kick off the new cycle, it's my pleasure to introduce you to our current team of admissions folks, photographed with their flower pots at yesterday's event.

Mari, Kathy, Eamon, and Me (Ben). Note that our pot says 3.14...

Emily, Edmund, Kirsten, and Gisel.

Sofia, Lorelle, Marilee, and Joanne.

Matt D., Linda, and Ross.

Salvador, Stu, and Marilyn. Note that their pot says MIT!

Carina, Bette, Sue, and Matt M.

Denise and Ellen.

Amy S., Alia, and Amy P.

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Everyone looks so beautiful and happy! (Except for poor Kathy partially hidden behind your plant... grin

**Did you know that your name tag should always go on the right? Do you know why?**

I'm guessing it's so that when someone doesn't remember your name, they can more easily sneak a peek as they reach for your right hand to shake it?

Posted by: leftcoast mom on May 19, 2005

Good call mootmom! The official quote was "it's the most direct line of vision from the handshake." Of course, all right-handed people tend to get this wrong because it's easier for them to slap it onto the left side.

I forgot to mention in my post - everyone should check out Shashank's work on the math problem I presented in this thread:

He gets an A+ for effort!!

Posted by: Ben on May 19, 2005

You'll never get rid of us, Ben!


Posted by: Kelly on May 19, 2005

Kelly is correct....
ps nice flower pot:)

Posted by: Kiersten on May 19, 2005

Laziness > etiquette.

Therefore, name tag goes on left.




Posted by: Michael Borohovski on May 20, 2005

Does name-tagging on the right still apply if it's the "Hello, my name is" variety?


Posted by: David on May 20, 2005

thanks ben.

of course - i will solve it. just gimme some time after the 22nd.

Posted by: Shashank on May 20, 2005

my aim is mites2005, I would like to speak to you(Ben) about mit class of 2010. Im having some difficulty and need help with some things. thanks

Posted by: dave on May 22, 2005

oh... Everyone looks so happy and so nice! It was a great idea posting pictures of the admission staff, in that way, we are more relaxed knowing who are the persons that are going to evaluate the applications. You all look so nice!


Posted by: Omar E. Fernandez on May 22, 2005

LOL you guys have too much fun! hehe thats awesome 8^P

Posted by: Siamrut on May 25, 2005

This is off-topic; but I'd just like to clarify about the SAT requirements for next year's applicants. My understanding so far is:
(1) MIT will accept both old and new SAT I
(2) MIT will not consider writing section of new SAT I
(3) MIT will require 3 SAT II's (1 math, 1 science, 1 of choice)
So my question is: Will the writing section of the new SAT I be counted in a fashion similar to the old writing SAT II (since they are essentially the same test)? (According to 1-3 above, it seems to me that SAT II Writing is counted but new SAT I writing is not?)
Thanks for your help.

Posted by: 2006 Applicant on May 26, 2005

Kelly & Kiersten - nor would I *ever* want to!!! grin

Mike - thanks for your post on Matt's blog. And nice proof up there.

Dave - email me; I'm hardly ever on IM lately due to a pretty huge workload that needs to get finished before paternity leave. grin Whenever I get onto IM, hours seem to evaporate...

2006 Applicant - good question. I'll look into that and see what I can find out from the Dean.

Posted by: Ben on May 26, 2005

Paternity leave! Congratulations!

Quick question - is there a general rundown somewhere on the class of 2009? Final number, ratio of men to women, number of Samoans, that sort of thing?

Posted by: MITmom on May 27, 2005

Posted by: Preliminary numbers on May 27, 2005

Hi it has been a long time since i am writing here after i got rejected as a freshman applicant. I am planning to apply as a transfer student to mit...may i have these questions asnswered..
1)how many apply and how many d u select
2) if i transfer after 2 years of regular college course and wish to continue the rest 2 at MIT i donot think i need to submit my sec. school grades...
3) do i need to take the SAT and TOFEL?
4) any other imp. point to consider

Posted by: sreraman on May 28, 2005

MITmom, Matt has just posted the numbers to his blog:

Sreraman - in the last few years several hundred have applied for transfer each year and we've been able to take only a few (single digits). I'm not sure about your other questions as I am not on the transfer selection committee, but I'll look into it and report back here.

Posted by: Ben on June 2, 2005

ahha nice =) 3.14 PI DAY!!!! wooo haha

lol I hold the school record of 500 digits of year before I graduate, I'm planning to do a 1000.

by the way, hi ben =)

anyway a couple quick questions if you don't mind.
1. for the 3 sat IIs, is it possible to make the 1 choice = another math SAT II? or do I have to take something different like a humanities or something.
2. If I submit my latest SAT scores from teh november test date will that be counted for Early Action. I'll send in my regular app by deadline though.

thanks a bunch...oh by the way, do you have an aim sn?

Posted by: Merudh on June 23, 2005

hey pi day rocks !!

Posted by: Merudh on June 23, 2005

what I meant by regular app was Early Action application by November deadline. just wanted to know if they accept november test date scores since they are after the deadline

Posted by: Merudh on June 23, 2005

Hey Merudh,

First of all, 1000 would be so extreme! I love it. grin

Yes, you can take the other math SAT II to satisfy the requirement. And your November test scores will definitely count, assuming they reach us in a timely manner.


Posted by: Ben on June 27, 2005

hey ben hahah yes that's my goal next year...if i get into MIT EA, then i'll have the rest of senior year free to memorize 1000 by pi day (But one can only dream) anyway, if i do take the other MATH SAT II to fulfull requirement, will it look "cheap" on my part or should I try to do US History (risk getting a great score)

Posted by: Merudh on June 28, 2005

merudh you're such a liar

Posted by: Anonymous on April 4, 2006

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