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Jun 18, 2007

Random Monday Fun @ MIT

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Check out this picture... looks normal, right?

My friend took this picture with his cell phone last thursday and sent it to me. The text that accompanied it said simply:

There's no one in the driver's seat. Just a guy in the passenger seat. With a laptop.

For the record, that's on 93 South - a major highway. Okay then!

And then this morning, McGreggor sends me this, which is pretty awesome. (I feel like this may have been posted in the blogs already but I can't find it, so sorry if it's a repeat.)

Happy Monday!

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Posted by: JKim on June 18, 2007

the sigma nu lip snyc video was soooooo cool! thanks for telling me to watch it. =)

Posted by: abbey on June 18, 2007

Wait...was he driving it with the computer?? Or was it not moving?

Posted by: 0 on June 18, 2007

If I recall correctly, here in California there is a law which states that any vehicle without a driver may not exceed 60 miles per hour. I wonder what exactly constitutes a "driver" in this context... :-D

Posted by: Greg Courville on June 18, 2007

The car was moving, and he wasn't even driving it with the computer, just monitoring it probably grin

Check out the DARPA Grand Challenge Race!

It's a competition to build an entirely autonomous ground vehicle capable of carrying a person without human intervention. Last year it was in a desert, this year its in an urban setting. Very cool stuff. grin

AHHHH!!! PANIC!!! The future is going to smash into us!

Posted by: Adam '11 on June 18, 2007

WOWOWOWOWWOW smile smile smile

I totally love this pic (and the message wink. It symbolyzes what MIT means to me! =)

Posted by: yg'11 on June 18, 2007

I guess this means DARPA is going well then! w00t MIT

Posted by: Snively on June 18, 2007

There was an article with that car in it either in Discover or Popular Science earlier this year, I can't remember which. That's awesome that they've gotten it to the point where it can drive around in traffic!

MIT >>> Stanford at DARPA.

Posted by: Maia '11 on June 18, 2007

Wait, where'd that Sigma Nu video come from? I'm so confused...

Posted by: Laura on June 18, 2007

MIT > Stanford, period.
Oh no, I'm not biased wink

That's EXCITING, though! Imagine, just having your car drive you around? You can sleep, eat, etc and not worry, you'll just get there!

MIT. The more I read, the more I can't WAIT until August.

Posted by: Wings '11 on June 18, 2007

AXO lip sync 2004, apparently.

Posted by: hawk on June 18, 2007

I guess I was a judge for AXO Lip Sync the wrong year =(

Posted by: madmatt on June 18, 2007

My friend Rob (friend who thinks I'm weird for photographing my food for blogging purposes) is working on that car! ZOMG.

Posted by: Bryan on June 18, 2007

I already linked to International Panic Day, Adam '11, WAY TO STAY ON TOP OF THE COMMENTS MAN

Posted by: Jess on June 18, 2007

Interesting Sigma Nu video... honestly if there were a frat that was like a 1920's gangster hideout with Michael Jackson playing nonstop I'd probably join it.

Posted by: Harrison on June 18, 2007

Their's a guy in new delhi who can drive with elan without sitting on the driver's seat(on top of that he reads a newspaper!)!!dunno how sumone can stretch their legs sooo much!infact the last time he did so...he was followed by a national news channel ....the channel wanted to know how he controlled the ghost driving the car!!!!

Posted by: crespo on June 18, 2007

For some reason, I have a sudden urge to quote The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


Posted by: Paul '11 on June 18, 2007

I can't see any picture. I think it's a technical problem.

Posted by: Omorx on June 19, 2007

Good on'ya, Ben! You've just made me more wanting to go to MIT immediately, you know! I've still gotten a year of high school to deal with!!! How am I gonna wait for it?

Posted by: Ronny CHEN on June 19, 2007

This is almost as good (this year's lip sync):

Posted by: A on June 19, 2007

"Don't Panic" is such a nice song.

And "Garden State" is such a good movie... *sigh*

Posted by: milena '11 on June 19, 2007

just amazing and this is just great.
this is by far the coolest thing I have heard so far....
I plead ben to bring up some more of stuff like this ...
bloggers here and to all MIT bloggers just don't know what this means to a person in a third world developing country...

Posted by: omg! on June 21, 2007

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