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Ben Jones

Feb 1, 2005

Stu Saves The Pact

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Just when I thought I couldn't make it through another minute of the agony of yesterday's events, I walked into our weekly staff meeting to discover that Stu is HAIRY!

Yes, friends, Stu Schmill '86, Admissions Officer and Director of the Educational Council, has become my new bearded hero.

We'll give him a few days to grow and then we'll get some pics up here. MAD props to Stu for saving the pact.

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Hi Ben!
I think it is great that you are not alone smile
After all, I bet that in 2 years, it will be a tradition.. smile
Actually, in my school, I am the only one that is also hairy, but I don't have a beard, I have long hair smile
Ok, I also wanted to ask you something, Ben:
I have sent my appliction a long time ago, about 2 months. I have not received my MIT ID, although all of my friends have received it, and they sent the applications later. I wrote to the official e-mail provided on the site, but no one answers. I thought that maybe you can help me. My e-mail is simion.filip(at)gmail(dot)com . I really hope you can help me about this.
Thank you very much in advance,
Simion Filip

Posted by: Simion Filip on February 1, 2005

Hi Simion,

I'll look into this for you, no problem. You should hear back from me or someone else in Admissions soon.

Posted by: Ben on February 1, 2005

I think all of the admissions officers should just take turns accompanying you being hairy... that way there IS no commitment and you don't have to worry about being the only one.

Posted by: Katharine Chu on February 1, 2005

Famous scruffy beards in MIT history -- If you happen to find an old archived version of the 1975 TECHNIQUE, look on the bottom right corner of page 234 for a picture of "Henry Laurence Summers" (aka Larry Summers), MIT alum and current Prez of Harvard.

Posted by: KHF '78 on February 1, 2005

Hi, Ben!
Thank you very much for your help!
I think that there is a problem when signing in with a TypeKey identity on your blog. It says:
"The site you're trying to comment on has not signed up for this feature. Please inform the site owner."
when I try to login. I hope this helps, since I understand that you are still working on this site.
Good luck,

Posted by: Simion Filip on February 2, 2005

Hi, Ben!

I got one little Q:
Is it ok that although my Secondary School Report has already been marked as processed (like 2 months ago) there is still no date listed?

Sincerely, Eujin
P.S. Haha. My great grandmother on my mother's side was Ukrainian. smile

Posted by: Eujin on February 3, 2005

Hey Eujin,

I think as long as it's been marked as "processed," you're in good shape. I don't think the SSR gets a date for some reason.

Posted by: Ben on February 3, 2005

Yeah, the secondary school report and interview both were marked "Processed" with no date in my account, too. grin

Posted by: Fabrice on February 5, 2005

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