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Ben Jones

Sep 14, 2006

The Birth Of My Third Child

Posted in: Miscellaneous

Hi folks,

Well here you have it - the new-and-improved MIT admissions web site. I hope you like it!

In October (when I get back from fall recruitment travel) we'll be launching a centralized Q&A blog, in an attempt to keep the other blog threads on topic (how often have you been in the middle of a discussion on Topic X when someone jumps in and posts "I got a 2399 on the SAT I, do I need to retake it?!?" :-) More on the Q&A blog soon.

We'll also be adding a photo blog at some point this fall.

Have fun exploring, and please use this thread to let me know if you find any bugs along the way.


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And a nice baby it is!

Posted by: Daniel T. Barkowitz on September 13, 2006

Thanks! grin

Posted by: Ben Jones on September 13, 2006

Am definitely loving it.

Posted by: JKim on September 13, 2006

So hott.

Yes, with two t's.

Posted by: Laura on September 13, 2006

MY MOM: So I was reading Ben's blog, and I saw he wrote about "the birth of his third child", and I thought, "I didn't know his wife was pregnant again!"

ME: ...

MY MOM: Is she pregnant? Are they having another boy? Three boys is a lot to handle.

ME: ...Mom.

MY MOM: Why doesn't he write about his new baby in his post?

ME: .......

Posted by: JKim on September 13, 2006

Whoaaa beautiful site!!

Posted by: Minh on September 14, 2006

yay its a beautiful baby.

Posted by: debbie on September 14, 2006

Does this mean I'm its grandmother? Love, mama

Posted by: your mama on September 14, 2006

Looks great!

Posted by: Libby on September 14, 2006


Its such a VIBRANT baby !!

Congratulations Ben, on the birth of your third child !!

Posted by: Rupa on September 14, 2006

Ooooh shiny! This almost makes up for no one being in admissions for the past week ^_^

Posted by: Nur on September 14, 2006


I love it times infinity, except I think that those links in the top left box should be one big link. wink

Posted by: Colin on September 14, 2006

i love it!

Posted by: l0ngL on September 14, 2006

Congrats for this new site! Great improvement on design, user interface and speed! Nice work.

Posted by: Oystein on September 14, 2006

design is so... clean. /me likes it smile i see that you've switched to shtml... i should start using it myself too but i don't like it, plain ol' php rulz raspberry this redesign of yours has encouraged me to remake my site (it's about time :D) i'll start working on it right now even though it's 0:24 AM raspberry thank you, remind me to buy you a beer or a cup of coffe when i get to MIT smile see you around wink

best regards,

Posted by: Sh1fty on September 14, 2006


Seriously, the site turned out fantastic!!!(ally? is that a word?)


Posted by: Shannon on September 14, 2006

Wow, this design is really lovely!

Posted by: Lacolibrie on September 14, 2006

The site looks great! I'm almost bummed that I'm already enrolled here, because now I can't log in and get the full effect (but I'm not really that bummed).

Posted by: Sarah Dupuis on September 14, 2006

This site is sexy. I'm serious.

Posted by: Karen on September 14, 2006


No more server complaints from you, Ben! (Well, I'll let you slip a few more in...)

Posted by: thekeri on September 14, 2006

LOVE the new site! For some reason, I think the colors, design, etc better reflect MIT's feeling....kudos!

Posted by: Jon on September 14, 2006

Great job Ben...the new site rocks...hard work has paid off...its just so beautiful.

Posted by: Arka on September 14, 2006

It looks like the page "the selection process" is missing.

not found error on this page which is linked to on the apply section

Posted by: Raman on September 14, 2006

Wow, nice catch Raman, thanks! I fixed the link, it was supposed to go here.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. grin

Posted by: Ben on September 14, 2006

It's amazing. Way to go! =D

Posted by: Andrew on September 14, 2006

anyways, where have you been Ben? I haven't seen you in a long time!

Posted by: Omar '10 on September 14, 2006

I love the new site! .. Except for a few minor things. The left sidebar is awkward when you scroll down below the boxes for longer pages. The grey line and then a bunch of blank white space to the left of it just doesn't look right to me. The grey boxes on the right and the plain white on the left unbalances the look of the page, I think.

I'd like to see a bit more of the school colors on the page. Perhaps the "life • learning • pulse", etc. should be in MIT-red on a slightly lighter, MIT-gray background? (Love the square bullets between the links though - looks great!)

The bullets after the blog titles on the left sidebar look awkward if they are not on the second line. I'd suggest making sure the text always starts on the second line of the box. You have plenty of blank space below the boxes, a few extra lines wouldn't hurt.

I'd also like to see the true-color MIT logo on the page somewhere. The small gray and white one at the far bottom of the page.. not so sure about it. I think it would look great in gray and red, but just my opinion. Otherwise, I'd like to see the MIT logo above the blog boxes on the sidebar, perhaps?

One last thing. At the top of the page, box number 12, the red one.. I don't like it. I checked paint, and you are using 169,0,0 as the color of the box. MIT red is a bit bluish, at 169,5,51 according to the official logo. 169,5,51 makes the 255,0,0 text appear just a bit less harsh, and easier to read. I suggest changing the text to 255,5,51 too, though. I've linked my name to a quickly made example of what the colors would look like on the box.

Of course, I'm not an experienced-web-designer-graduate-from-MIT! Just my personal tastes. Overall, the website is amazing. You've done an incredible job on it!

Thanks for the awesome new website!!

Posted by: Adam Spanbauer on September 15, 2006

Just caught a bug for previewing a post.

Leave a quotation mark in an HTML tag open, and it'll cause the rest of the HTML of the page to dump onto the posting textbox!

Just put this line on a blank post and press preview to see what I mean. I've switched out 'Just caught a bug for previewing a post.

Leave a quotation mark in an HTML tag open, and it'll cause the rest of the HTML of the page to dump onto the posting textbox!

Just put this line on a blank post and press preview to see what I mean. I've switched out '<'s for '['s so that the problem doesn't take effect on me.

[img src="blah][/img]

Fairly minor bug, really, but a bug nonetheless.

Posted by: Adam Spanbauer on September 15, 2006

I like this website, this has added up to my madness for MIT.

Posted by: Utkarsh on September 15, 2006

What the hell is this? In the new website i see that for international applicants there are 2 oprions
1) Either give SAT reasoning and subject tests
or 2) Give TOEFL and reasoning
I have registered for SAT reasoning and subject both and have also given TOEFL. This has not wasted my money for SAT 1. I really don't understand why this change has been made so late?
At this point of time i have completed my application and was just preparing for SAT reasoning and now have come to know about this massive change in the pattern?

Please help me should i cancel my SAT Reasoning appointment or should i give both the tests.

Posted by: utkarsh on September 15, 2006

ohh god do i love the new site! i've been waiting for it since the start of september!

i haven't thoroughly checked out the site, but i have a small suggestion. i rather liked the way how all the blog entries would open in a new but same window coz i could just click on all the entries i wanted to read then go elsewhere with my original window. now i have to keep on going back and forth to read all the new entries...

is there a way to fix it up? thanks!

Posted by: reg on September 15, 2006

sorry, it looks as if i'm spamming, but there's an extra ) in "Food and Dining Options" in the life menu.

also, on the majors and minors site, the 6 in course 6 is a link when all the other aren't.

Posted by: reg on September 15, 2006

Bug report:
on this page of tips for international applicants, there is a "click here for specifics" note under the Standardized Tests bullet, but it is not a live link.

Posted by: leftcoast mom on September 15, 2006

On an only slightly related note, Omar '10 hasn't seen you because he's always always always in the ESG lounge. We don't even see him in the Haus anymore. It's because he hates us. ^_^

Posted by: thekeri on September 15, 2006

it's me again :D
Ben, what do you think about making a bulletin board/forum for highschool students who intend to go to mit? i've googled a bit and the the closest thing i found was this, but it has been inactive for quite a while now. i've also found topics on random forums with people asking for tips on getting into mit. if you need help or don't feel like doing it but you think it's a good idea i'd be glad to code a nice minimalistic forum or something, it shouldn't take me more than a couple of hours. it could go a lot faster but i have a few high priority things to do smile

best regards,

btw development of my site didn't go that well, i don't like my own design :D i'll start over in a couple of days when i get another "brilliant" design idea :D

Posted by: Sh1fty on September 15, 2006

So pretty! Yay! =]

Also, a quick question about supplementary recommendations. Should we give the teacher an evaluation form, just like the other two recs? Should we label it "supplementary rec"?

Lastly, would Geography count as a humanities or a science if it covers both human geography and physical geography (along with environmental science)?

Posted by: faye on September 15, 2006

Thanks! And sorry for the comment spam.

Posted by: faye on September 15, 2006

Eh, not bad. I could do better.

Just kidding Ben, you know I think it's awesome! I'll see you soon! I still have to tell you the stories about TFGFH.

Posted by: Michael Borohovski on September 16, 2006


could u plz help me? I have an SAT of 1500 should i take it again??? plz let me know asap.


hahahahahahhahaha =D Sorry.. I know you don't know me nor do I you but it was so tempting I had to do it =) Nice site btw, looks great. clean, consecutive, organized and such.

Posted by: Filiz on September 16, 2006

Chronological order! =D

Posted by: Sampson on September 16, 2006

The new site looks even better than the screenshots. I think it's awesome.

That being said, I hate actually have to visit sites smile, and the new templates break the RSS feeds that you guys used to have :(. We should fix that.

And let us know when you get back in town so we can come bug you and keep you from getting any work done.

Posted by: Evan Broder on September 16, 2006

Apropos of nothing relevant... all babies look like Winston Churchill, have you noticed that?

Posted by: leftcoast mom on September 17, 2006

I love that Nan busted in on this. :D

I know how hard you worked on this, and it is, of course, beautiful. grin

Posted by: Christina on September 17, 2006

.. it's nice to have something fresh.. ..

Posted by: mark on September 17, 2006

Very pretty! *coos at the new baby*

A couple bugs. The navigation bar at the top of the page doesn't always load properly (it appears as blank white space), but maybe my computer is getting old and feeble. Also, could you make contacting admissions with questions a little easier? There's only a tiny little "email us" link at the bottom that took me a while to find.

Posted by: Caroline on September 17, 2006

It's really nice

Posted by: Anim on September 18, 2006

I found a broken link, Ben. In the "Hacks and Traditions" section at the bottom, the link for Courses leads to nowhere.

"A full list of the Courses can be found here."

The "here" doesn't exist, though. Is this supposed to link to the Majors and Minors section, perhaps?

Posted by: Shannon on September 18, 2006

"On an only slightly related note, Omar '10 hasn't seen you because he's always always always in the ESG lounge. We don't even see him in the Haus anymore. It's because he hates us. ^_^"

mm... on response to that comment by my dear friend Keri I would like to say that well... it's kind of true. But yeah, during the week my life is crazy, my schedule is kind of full, I'm also full of PSETs to do all the time and I'm also practicing Taekwondo which is a lot of fun but it also requires some extra hours a day. But yeah, during the weekends I'm here at Senior Haus and I do socialize a lot!!!

So yeah... life has been crazy, but I'm around!

Posted by: Omar '10 on September 19, 2006

MIT is supposed to b the best college for engineers in universe

Posted by: MD.KALIM AHMAD on September 20, 2006

OK, I give up: where is the search box so I can try to find something on the site? grin

Posted by: leftcoast mom on September 20, 2006

It is a lovely site to be sure. This may not be related, but the Online Application does not warn applicants that their essays may be cut off in the PDF file. Mine was inside the wordlimit, but its unique format caused it to be longer than the page alotted was, so the conclusion was cut off. It is not detremental to the essay, but it would be nice if there were some sort of warning message. I assumed when previewing it, that online submissions would not be constrained to the limits of the pages on the PDF file since someone submitting a hard copy would be able to submit as many additional pages as they would need anyway.

...It's still a pretty site though.

Posted by: Kellen McGee on September 20, 2006

Hi, where can we find information on supplementary materials and the requriements for a particular field? I like the new site, it's very apple with the dashboard and all.

Posted by: Larisa Berger on September 20, 2006

I love this site!

Why couldn;t it have been like this last year?? :(

Oh, well, the site last yr was super-coolio too. :D

Posted by: April (Former rejected applicant who still loves M on September 21, 2006

well Its cool but i liked your old picture more!!

Posted by: Vivek on September 23, 2006

The my mit account creation system doesn't allow people to enter their high school information, and it won't allow people to continue until high school information is entered so people just get stuck on page two.

Posted by: 0 on September 23, 2006

Your baby is beautiful! MIT definitely has the best college admissions website, congratulations!

I have been using the new "Blog Archives by topic" feature and found this little [url=" " rel="nofollow"]
gem[/url]. Although I read it last year, it almost made me cry again. I now know that my application will be in good hands. Thank you, Ben.

Remember the note I asked you to give to Mitra (I am the MITES student who created the design for her previous blog). Has she received it?


Posted by: Zaira on September 23, 2006


Posted by: ewere on September 25, 2006

RE: Error in MIT profile on

I have been using to do preliminary research (e.g. retention and graduation stats)on schools I am interested in applying to, and to see if they have my major (biology). I know that MIT offers a bio major, but Princeton Review indicates otherwise.
To access the list of majors, here are the steps. Log on to log on to Princeton, and up pops the summary page. The second section, highlighted in red, is "Statistics". In that section, toward the bottom, are words in blue, and underlined. Click on "Academics", and info pops up about special academic programs, as well as a list of majors. Bio isn't on that list.
Just thought you might want to know.

Posted by: Serena W. on September 27, 2006


Posted by: TIAGO on September 28, 2006

Off topic, but...

YOU'RE SUCH A CUTIE, BEN! Your wife is SOOOO lucky!

Posted by: inquisitor on September 29, 2006

I'm wondering if you can have all the blogs combined in one rss feed.


Posted by: 0 on September 30, 2006

Ben, it has been too long since your last post!

Posted by: Lamby on October 3, 2006

Bug Report:-
I tried to send in part 1 last night and I got a message saying that I will get a confirmation as soon as it is credited. Now, more than 24 hours later, I have no e-mail and I am also not being able to open up the payment page of Part 1 of my application.
Love the site. Nice to use, one that makes you want to come to MIT. Teach the other colleges how to make an equally inviting site please!

Posted by: Sarab on October 4, 2006

I wouldlike to know how to apply in your institute(massachoussete intitute of technology)with a financial aid
thank you for your sincerely

Posted by: serge h senyana on October 4, 2006

The site is pretty but I find it hard to use. I am trying to download just the teacher recommendation forms and school reports to send off to my son who is in boarding school abroad and has no U.S. guidance counselor. Those pages have been very hard to find. After 20 minutes of looking all over this page, I still haven't found them.

I prefer simple and functional. The admissions pages-- requirements, deadlines, form-- should be easy to find at first sight on the first page.

Posted by: Julie Win on October 5, 2006

I have had some of my status corrected like the date of birth, thus, that gives hard time to access my demands online in mymit a/c.

How would you rescue me!!!!!!!


Posted by: ELIJAH B. MAJAK on October 8, 2006

Julie -

If you look under #6: APPLY, and click on "The Freshman Application", there are links to download each part of (or the entire) application, including "Evaluation A", "Evaluation B", and "Secondary School Report", which I believe are the parts you're looking for. You can also find the deadlines, requirements, and everything else related to the application process under this section.

Posted by: Mikey on October 13, 2006

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