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Videos and Films

Gangnam Style at MIT

MIT's Korean Association helped spread the "Gangnam Style" fever around campus.


Chem Lab Boot Camp!

Watch the trailer, and then follow the series.


Bienvenidos a MIT (2012)

Take a look at our Spanish language video — "Bienvenidos a MIT!"


MIT: Live the Puzzle (2011)

An award winning short from our homepage!



MIT: The Motion Picture (1992)

You may have seen MIT: The Motion Picture on our homepage or elsewhere:

While it is incredibly dated now—though not without a certain comforting character for those of us old enough to remember videotapes—it was, at the time, a major production. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and was produced entirely by a major Madison Avenue marketing firm, and was taken "on the road" for the better part of a decade to show people all across the country something about MIT.