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Admissions blogs

The MITAdmissions blogs are an institution we started in 2004 to help our students (and staff) speak directly to our applicants and the broader public. As cofounder of the blogs Ben Jones put it:

Social media as we know it today didn’t exist when we launched our great experiment of promoting unfiltered/uncensored narratives and connecting prospective and current students directly. Facebook was only a few months old and restricted to a handful of colleges, which ruled out pretty much all of our prospective students. Twitter was still a couple of years away, as was Tumblr. The lack of third-party resources, in large part, enabled the blogs to become the epicenter of the online community we hoped to build around MIT Admissions.

We give our students a lot of autonomy and responsibility. We don’t exercise prior restraint or give our bloggers talking points: they simply get an account and can immediately begin posting directly to our homepage.

You can learn more about the blogs here, or more importantly, you can just read them.


You can also find @MITAdmissions social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.


The MIT Division of Student Life hosts several social media accounts that are run entirely by weekly undergraduate student takeovers. You can follow @MITStudents on: