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Elizabeth C. '13

MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13


Things About Moi:

I was born and raised in Columbia, MO–home of the Mizzou Tigers, the greatest pizza in the world, my high school mascot, the Kewpie, and the best little brother in the universe.

The things that got me interested in science were The Jeff Corwin Experience and playing in my backyard. Until high school, I thought I wanted to be an entomologist or herpetologist, until I realized that I loved biology of all kinds (not just bugs and snakes), and spent my undergrad here studying microworlds as a Course 20 (Biological Engineering) major.

Being at MIT made me realize I was way more interested in helping people outside The Science Bubble learn about science, rather than doing the science myself. So that's my MO at the moment.

The classes I took as an undergrad that had the biggest impact on my life were (I don't remember the exact titles): jazz history, science documentary making, biomaterials engineering, and poetry.

I believe MIT is full of dualities, best summarized by IHTFP, which stands for both I Have Truly Found Paradise and I Hate This F***ing Place.

I share Leslie Knope's views on life: