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MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13

FUN Form FAQs by Elizabeth Choe '13

U is for Ukelele

Happy New Year, beautiful people! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as my family did:

Anyway, I come to you in 2018 bearing forms… the February Updates and Notes (FUN) form.

tl;dr: the FUN form is where you can send us your latest grades along with any other relevant updates that you want us to know (things like awards, achievements, etc. that have happened after you submitted your application). Don’t feel obligated to fill up the form—it’s okay if all you’re sending us is semester grades. But you DO have to submit it, regardless of if you have updates or not. Access it through your MyMIT and submit it by Feb. 15!

Now, if you’re sitting there confused, about to call the Admissions office, don’t worry—Auntie E has got your back. Pleeeease look through the FAQs I’ve assembled below first. If you can’t find an answer here, leave a comment or feel free to contact the office.

I already graduated high school or I’m not currently in school. What do I do?
Ya still gotta submit the form, even if you don’t have any updates for us. There’s an option on the form where you can indicate that you don’t have any grades to report since you’re not in school.

I don’t have grade updates because: my school doesn’t do mid-year grades/progress reports, I’m homeschooled, etc. What do I do?
Ya still gotta submit the form, even if you don’t have any updates for us. There’s an option on the form where you can indicate that your school doesn’t give out semester grades. Basically, just send us any and all grades that you do have for this year, and we’ll work with what we get.

I won’t have new grades by Feb. 15. What do I do??
Ya still gotta submit the form, even if you don’t have any updates for us. (Do you sense a pattern here?) Submit the form by the deadline, then send us your new grades as soon as they’re available.

My counselor/school already sent you my mid-year/semester grades. Do I need to do anything else?
(In all seriousness, submit the FUN form, it helps us keep track of everyone’s applications, pretty please and thank you.)

My school does quarter/trimester/something funky/not semester grades, or I’ve taken some classes at the local community college or online. How should I list my grades?
If your school does semester grades (list the grade like it shows up on your transcript. If it’s letter, write letters, if it’s percentage, write the percentage):

BC Calculus 89
IB Chemistry HL 97
Japanese A-

If your school does quarter grades:
Biology A, A-
AP Economics 96,92

If your school does quarter grades and midterm exam (but no semester)—list quarter grades and the midterm exam grade:
AP Physics A, A-, 92
World History B+, A-, 95

If your school’s on a trimester system—list the first trimester grade:
AP English Lit and Comp A
AP Studio Art A

Classes that need explanation can be listed like this:
Java I (taken at BCC) A+
Multivariable Calc (Online) Pass

But what should I REALLY put on the form? It’s a trick question, right?
Nope. We really just want to see your latest grades and any updates. It’s okay if you don’t have any new awards/activities/classes to report (really really!). You can use bullet points, informal languages, abbreviations, etc. There’s a 250 word limit for a reason.

You CANNOT use the FUN form to submit new essays, update or change a portfolio, or redo your application. You CAN use the FUN form to tell us a joke. :)

What if I submit by FUN form and then find out about an award afterward?
Just email admissions at mit dot edu with the new update

Anything else I need to do??????
it ok