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Selam G. '18

MIT blogger


Hello! ሰላም! 你好!Diggoo!

I began this blogging adventure my freshman year, over IAP 2015. I graduated June 8th, 2018 in Course 2A-CIR (Mechanical Engineering with Robotics). I am from a lot of different places, but physically speaking, I’ve lived my whole life in Colorful Colorado. Another place I am from is a small province in Ethiopia called Kaffa, where my father was born. The language we speak there is only spoken by 800,000 people in the whole world! ("Diggoo" is "Hello" in that language.) I think that should automatically qualify me for a degree in Course 24 (linguistics). My mother was born in a much, much bigger place: Shanghai, China. Her language is spoken by 1.35 billion people.

MIT was my dream school since the age of 8, and it was the completion of a lifelong pursuit to graduate. Now I pop in once in a while to talk about what I've been doing ever since.

But enough about me, how about you? Feel free to email me with thoughts/insights/song suggestions/youtube videos or even questions whatever it is you would like to say. Ask at [email protected]

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