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Here, you can explore MIT, learn how to apply, plan a visit, read the blogs, or get help from our staff.

By doing so, we hope you’ll learn more about MIT, but also about yourself.

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  • paolo avatar

    perception but who *are* you?

    Over the summer, I’ve centered on a fear that I have in graduate school — the idea that people will judge me solely based on my research, and nothing else. It seems almost inevitable that this is going to happen. I’ll write some paper,… Read More


  • MIT blogger Cami M. '23

    breaching discomfort

    Lately I’ve been occupying space. Many spaces, in fact, especially ones I didn’t previously used to occupy. I’ve found myself laughing and crying and sitting in silence and really experiencing these new emotions of being pushed into this uncharted, new territory. Though I am… Read More
  • MIT blogger Ankita D. '23

    culture within culture i moved to east campus

    as a former Burton Conner resident, i had a two options in dealing with my dorm being offline due to renovation: find another dorm on campus, or move off campus. moving off campus didn’t appeal to me since i wanted to meet new people; i was deprived of doing so… Read More
  • Illustration of Masha G. '24

    this summer a recap of sorts

    It’s September, school has started, and I know that before long I’ll get sucked into the ridiculous whirlwind that is this school. I’ll get busy with classes, and clubs, and grabbing lunch at the stud with friends. So before that happens, and before the feeling of summer slips away entirely,… Read More

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