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Parents and educators: For parents

If you’re like most parents, helping your child find the right college feels like one of your last great parental responsibilities. We see the admissions process as a rite of passage—a challenging initiation that marks the transition out of childhood and into adult responsibility.

The college search and application process should be about one thing only: finding the right fit. This means finding a community where your child shares the fundamental values and priorities and feels comfortable enough to take the social and intellectual risks that make college really worthwhile.

In order to best understand how this process works, we encourage you to review information we’ve posted about the first-year application, our admissions process, our financial aid, as well as things your child can do to prepare for MIT. These step-by-step guides will help orient you in the process and tell you what you and your child need to know.

We’ve organized links to the information that parents most often request.

Please note: It is MIT policy to communicate directly with applicants, regardless of age, about their applications. We are not able to discuss an application with any family member. If your child has questions about their application, they can email us from the email address that they used to register for the MIT application portal. We’re happy to help!