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Arts and music

MIT students are as creative in the studio and on stage as they are in the lab. More than half of undergrads enroll in arts and music classes each year, and students exercise their artistic side through dozens of performance ensembles that encompass classical and contemporary music, visual and digital art, and a vibrant world of dance.


The MIT music community is extensive, including a conservatory-level academic program and dozens of performance ensembles, like the MIT Symphony Orchestra, Festival Jazz Ensemble, and Rambax, a Senegalese drumming group, to name a few.

Tune in below to watch the MIT Video Game Orchestra in their 2022 Fall Concert performing music from “Splatoon 2,” “Overcooked,” “Super Mario Galaxy,” and more!


There are more than a dozen active dance ensembles at MIT, and the best way to get to know them is by watching them perform. Enjoy this performance by Fixation, MIT’s competitive contemporary dance group, at Footwork 2019, a dance showcase held on campus.

Other dance highlights

Visual art

MIT student artists transformed a 200-foot-long wall in the tunnels that connect Buildings 66 and E17 underground by painting murals that come to life with augmented reality animations.

Since you can’t explore the tunnels in person right now, the team behind the Borderline Murals launched Tunnel66, a virtual collection of rooms designed by MIT student artists. Click on the room to learn more about the artists responsible for each design!

Other highlights

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