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Ben O. '19

MIT student blogger Ben O. '19


HEY GUYS!!!!!!! Lol...... Why the caps, to be honest, I am not really sure. I was just feeling it. In all honesty that is how most all of my writing goes. When it comes to writing I like to believe that it is reflective of how my mind works. My writing can turn out to be very curious, very random, but nevertheless always trying to find some sort of point, answer, or solution in a way that may not come off as conventional. Nevertheless, it is who I am and I have come to enjoy the curiosity and randomness that comes with being Benjamin Oberlton.

I cannot say exactly where I am "from" considering the fact that I do not really like choosing one home over the other, but I like to consider myself a IllGeoTexMaryGeorgian (In order of my homes born in Illinois, moved to Georgia, Texas, Maryland and finally back to Georgia). I am more or less a small little melting pot of different state cultures that has helped me realize just how different the world can be. Whether its realizing that Texas has their own state pledge you say every morning or arguing over whether Maryland is in the south or not, I have become a Frankenstein's monster (yes Frankenstein's monster. Not Frankenstein. Big difference. Just saying.) composed of the various states I now call home.

However, my interest for blogging and writing stem from the MIT Class of 2019 Facebook page oddly enough. It was there that I found I enjoyed sharing my stories and making others life with various pictures, posts and video blogs. So I cannot stress it enough........ It can be in the most seemingly insignificant places that you will find something that you will love.

Lastly, why am I here at MIT you ask??? That answer is quite simple. I have the tremendous goal of wanting to find a cure to cancer. No not one of them, not some of them, not a way to slow down cancer, but a cure to cancer period. (<-please ignore the fact that I said period then wrote it. Trust me it works. If I was talking to you face to face you would be like... Dang, I like his use of the word period.) Though it is seemingly impossible, improbable, and insane, the fact that I could one day make it as an MIT student, and even more so an MIT blogger, once met these same criteria. So I always like to think, go big and if someone says you can't, go even bigger.

Now actually lastly, I am looking forward to writing blogs, videoing vlogs, and simply sharing with you what it means to be a student here at MIT. It was here on these admissions blogs that I truly fell in love with the school, so it is here that I hope to one day inspire someone somewhere that MIT truly is one of the most amazing places on this oh so amazing planet.

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