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Jude H. '21


Hey, I’m Jude! I’m from Great Neck, New York, and I go to school in the greater Boston Area.

I’ve been drawing since I was a baby. I am passionate about fermented bean curd, the horrors of colonialism, and the way some newts can project their ribs out of their skin as self-defense. I love convincing people that I’m good at math and then betraying them by being unable to perform basic addition. I have the world’s longest playlist of angsty folk music, and the world’s longest mind-list of really clever things I should have said that one time, two years ago.

I’m easily interested and easily distracted; I ricochet between majors like bullets on a harmonic oscillator. But my main academic interest in college – my one true passion – is to find out why my feet are always too warm, and my hands too cold.

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