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Jackie M. '20

MIT student blogger Jackie M. '20


Hi, I'm Jackie! My DJ name is Jmonatomic because if I was a molecule, I would be a monatomic molecule… because I'm independent like that. Or something.
I am majoring in course 16 (aero/ astro), leaning tentatively towards the “astro”. Yes! Space! And traveling through it!
I am currently an enthusiastic tenant of East Campus, while the days of my youth were spent in the idyllic environs of upstate New York.
In another life, I was a guitarist in an Australian psychedelic rock band. I listen to music while doing problem sets, while walking down the Infinite, while doing laundry, while avoiding doing laundry, while writing about listening to music... You should be concerned if I ever stop, because it probably means the apocalypse is coming. I like to spend free time I don't have making playlists for my radio show, Chemistry 101, and going to concerts with my twin sister.
Other things that make me happy to be alive are dancing (ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, anything!) and thrift shopping (as evidenced by the fact that my collection of gently used clothing expands at approximately the same rate as the universe).
My senior quote was “I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying”, spoken by the venerable Oscar Wilde.
Follow along with this blog for all the grisly details of my unremarkable college existence. I'm so excited to be here that I'm liable to spontaneously combust! Peace out!