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Karen F. '11

  • Course 11
MIT student blogger Karen F. '11


Hello. I'm Karen, a brand-new freshman here at MIT.

I hail from the northeastern tip of the Land of Lincoln, more commonly known as
Illinois. After graduating from my perfectly average high school, I decided to
spend a year abroad as an exchange student in Taiwan. I caught something known
as the "travel bug," and now I can't stop thinking about the next time I can go
see other far-off places. For now, though, I'm content exploring Senior Haus,
MIT and the rest of Boston.

Someday I'll major in Urban Studies and Planning (Course 11), and someday soon
after that I'll pick up a minor in Applied International Studies. Not that
I've meticulously planned the next four years of my life or anything.

If homework didn't exist, I'd probably spend my time learning other
languages, seeking out cultural activities, finding new and interesting music,
volunteering, reading, and plotting ways to have a pet ferret on campus. And if
I had the option to eliminate some things from the world, I'd start with hot
weather, violence, driving, small talk, and closed-minded, uninformed people.

I've always wished that my life got turned into a musical (I try and I try,
but people rarely sing along...), but for now I guess I can settle for it being
turned into a webpage instead.