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Shorna A. '25


Hi! I’m Shorna! Please accept my humble offering of a disjoint list of facts about me:

I’m a 6-3 (Computer Science) and, probably(?), 18 (Math), although back in the good ol’ days I was planning on being a biomedical engineer, and I’m still broadly interested in solving cool problems in the life sciences.

I’m a Nextie! Danger Third Rail, AKA 3East, is my home at MIT (please mentally envision me waving enthusiastically at you if any of y’all are reading! <3) Originally, I’m from Bentonville, Arkansas, the home of Walmart and also lots of cows.

My favorite color is green, and I really, really like frogs. Like, a lot. Pomegranates are the best food. I would frame that as a take, but it’s actually just a fact.

I sometimes paint and also make musicTM (I’m much worse at the latter than the former!) I play the piano badly, the clarinet even worse, and I occasionally excitedly assault people with my singing voice. I believe the correct way to be an artist is to try everything at least once (I like cake decorating, musical composition, calligraphy, and, every so often, writing), which means that I have a LOT of fun making bad art.

I like going for walks in thunderstorms, narrowly avoiding falling out of trees (emphasis on the narrowly), and talking to geese. I think the meaning of life might be laying next to your friends on beanbags.

I’m gonna try and take you along for the ride as I navigate this crazy, excruciating, exhilarating process called ‘growing up’; I hope you enjoy as much as I do!