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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

101 Things to Do Before You Graduate from MIT by Melis A. '08

What every MIT graduate should have experienced.

At orientation, we received a list of “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate from MIT.” I immediately taped it onto my wall and I’ve been checking off activities ever since. Now that it’s my *final* year, I think I have to step-up to the plate and complete it! For the skeptics (and photo-lovers), I’ve included photographic evidence below. (My apologies to those without high-speed internet connections…I realize that it will take a while for this page to load.)

So I’ve never actually been to a Bruins game, but two of my best friends, Anna ’08 and Maria ’08, won tickets and took my camera along for the trip.

On the night of Ring Delivery, we went to the Top of the Hub for some cookies and a good view.


For an explanation of Ring Premiere, click here:

The LSC (which stands for Lecture Series Committee) brings films and lectures to the MIT community. For example, this weekend I saw Paris, Je T’aime and Oceans 13 for $3 each. The films are shown in one of the large lecture halls. On this particular day, there was a musical performance before the movie.

Every year, The Chorallaries put on a performance called Bad Taste where they make fun of everything related to MIT. It’s pretty hilarious…

For more about the 2.007 Mechanical Engineering robot competition, click here:

Shaye ’08, Matt, and Boris ’08 enjoying an appetizer at Legal Sea Foods. I don’t remember this particular occasion, but this picture is from one of the many times that Matt took us out. Thanks, Matt =)

Isn’t our gym gorgeous? Yes, yes it is.

24 responses to “101 Things to Do Before You Graduate from MIT”

  1. Isshak says:

    Wow well your list is almost finished. You didn’t pull an all nighter yet ? I thought that was going to be the first thing you would do when entering MIT. Looks like you had a lot of fun !

  2. Edgar says:

    The penguins picture is my favorite!

  3. Karen says:

    Fun fact: I wore nearly the same dress that you have on in picture #39 to my homecoming junior year and looked nearly as fabulous in it as you did. Unfortunately I was rather lacking in penguins.

  4. Pascale says:

    Growing up outside of Boston, I have already done a lot of those things. Except for 101. I haven’t done that…yet. smile

  5. Hmm. I really need a way to sign notes so people can distinguish between me (blogger karen) and not me (see above)

    Not that I really comment enough for it to matter much. My friends in high school liked K-Fig a lot though…

  6. Hunter '11 says:

    I have a similar list tacked up on my wall. I’ve actually done some of them, too (like Duck Tour).

  7. Hawkins says:

    No all-nighters?! Simply stunning.

  8. Wow, no all-nighters yet. That’s one of the three main things I figured I’d end up doing if I was accepted [along with the Bruins game and the MIT football game]. I did a couple of the others when i was visiting this summer, but otherwise that’s about it. Good luck on finishing the list.

  9. Paul '11 says:

    You haven’t pulled an all-nighter yet? Let me say I am impressed. You must amazingly well-organized. smile

    By the way – and this is for everyone – you all really should try and see Boston’s Fourth of July fireworks, they are simply amazing. The Boston Pops usually play as well…so you can get two things done at once! wink

  10. Paul '11 says:

    By the way, the Class of 2011’s version of your #47 (“Eat nothing but free food for a day”) is even more extreme. We’re supposed to eat nothing but free food for an entire week. :D

  11. 2011 Parent says:

    Thanks for posting the list! Our daughter has found time to explore all sorts of new things as a freshman in Boston. We’ve been amazed to learn that so far, she and her friends have: 1) Built a singing robot; 2) Sailed on the Charles River; 3) Bid for (and purchased) bikes at a police auction; 4) Bicycled to Harvard and back; 5) Purchased fresh produce at the Boston farmer’s market (Haymarket) and cooked meals in a dorm kitchen; etc. She’s having a great time at MIT.

  12. Kaizad says:

    Now I’m even more attracted to MIT. God I’m falling in love with this place!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You’ve gotta check #49 soon. I mean it’s really easy. On a weekend day or week day if you can be free, around noon, just walk in a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I always look for a most crowded one. Or better, ask one of MITiers who’s been there to go with you.

  14. Raziel says:

    How the hell haven’t you pulled an all nighter? I have been here like a week and a half, and can already check that one off my list… maybe you didn’t spend time writing on peoples’ blogs at 3:55 a.m. raspberry

  15. Kate says:

    Okay, so, like everyone else, I am amazed that you have failed to pull an all-nighter. I, mean, shame on you for not experiencing such a time-honored MIT tradition.

    However, I am more astounded that you have yet to a) visit Cape Cod or b) try candle pin bowling. There are a few candle pin bowling places near the Cape, so you should go and check a couple things off your list! smile I am horrendously awful at normal bowling, but was the goddess of candle pin bowling when I was in Cape Cod the last time, so that’s encouraging.

  16. pic #42 Matt and the guys are eating Gol gappas(Indian Snack)…lol

    Ankit Chandra
    Gaborone, Botswana

  17. Nihar says:

    Wow~!.The 101 MIT [email protected]: Yea!!..I noticed that too!..Its amazing the way food travels, I never thought Matt would have tasted a gol gappa!!.
    I really think MIT should add a “try and get bored” to that list..:D

  18. ALi says:

    im just picturing myself drunk using that ice toilet, lol nice blog. eline saglik

  19. Rob says:

    The one with the penguins is a WOW… I guess it was just for showing off, lol. Nice post.

  20. aysun says:

    as a turkish instructor, i feel proud of you. i hope you will complete your list, anyway you seem to complete most of it,your blog is nice, eline sağlık:)

  21. nur says:

    sevgili melis seni kutluyorum

  22. hriday says:

    hey,its a very good blog…btw can u plz temme wat sat score is required to get admission in mit???

  23. jiffy says:

    Great! And make your next blog better by writing about 101 things that would help get into MIT

  24. Suat says:

    Melis seni kutluyorum. Glamour haberleri Turkiye’den de duyuldu.