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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

2.007 Competition Tomorrow by Melis A. '08

Better than Battlebots! 2.007 competition tomorrow!

Alright everyone, tomorrow and Wednesday are the days I am SURE you have been waiting for. In the Johnson Athletic Center at 6:30 pm, we will be having the first round of the 2.007 competition. Wednesday at 7:00 pm will be the finals! If you’re around, I’d highly recommend coming, it’s going to be insaneeeely exciting.

One response to “2.007 Competition Tomorrow”

  1. It is Wednesday and Melis is through to the finals of 2.007. She insanely understressed how important, prestigious, and amazing it is that she’s through, and more importantly how totally excited she is! (Now I hope I’m not giving out too embarrassing of a detail, but there was LOTS and LOTS of tossing and turnig going on in the room today). So I hope you can show up and cheer her on tonight, and if not, definately cross your fingers!

    YAY MELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!