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MIT student blogger Shannon M. '12

25 things and another reason to come to CPW. by Shannon M. '12


FIRST OF ALL: In case that you haven’t thought of enough reasons to come to CPW, in case a weekend of free food, free shirts, and hanging out with me can’t convince you, and in case you’re afraid you won’t have anything to do,


Also, to continue the in-cases, (I don’t think I’m Englishly allowed to say that, but whatever), in case you haven’t been on Facebook in like, the last month, there’s this thing going on where you write 25 things about yourself, and then inflict this upon others, and… okay, I’m just going to let this chain letter ridiculousness explain itself.

“Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.”

Basically, let’s have fun with this. I’m doing this now, and now you have to post 25 things about yourself in the comments. HA. I’m enabling your high school procrastination. Yes, I am a terrible person.

1. I am not the person today that I thought I would be. I thought I’d never be an engineer, never seriously be premed, never join a sorority (much less one that would quite honestly be the reason I got through first semester), and would never actually find a pair of skinny jeans that fit. Oh, how things change.
2. I am becoming my mother, down to the hazelnut flavored coffee. I’m okay with this.
3. I only just started wearing socks again.
4. I went to three finals in a row in the exact same set of clothing. Make your own assumptions regarding personal hygiene during that period.
5. I’d really love to run a marathon. Personal goal.
6. I have oatmeal for breakfast almost every day.
7. I like being sore after workouts.
8. I had never had guacamole before this year.
9. My childhood goal was to be quarterback for the Detroit Lions. This didn’t work out.
10. I want to be fluent in at least 3 languages some day. An Asian language would be cool.
11. Things that I really like I am not necessarily good at, and things that I am really good at I don’t necessarily like. This tends to disappoint a lot of people.
12. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it would probably be Nature Valley bars. But preferably in a variety pack.
13. I hate going out in sweatpants.
14. My nose currently itches.
15. I have only fallen out of bed once, and I got an ambulance ride out of it. (This was recent.)
16. My mom once dropped me down the stairs and broke my femur. This sounds awful when taken out of context.
17. It takes a lot to make me cry. Like, even the falling-out-of-bed-extravaganza was dry eyed. I also was asleep, but whatever, details.
18. I am never not in the mood for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
19. I have called 4 dead people at work so far with the Alumni Association… and counting. It’s a little awkward.
20. I would really like some milk right now.
21. I just realized that I have had 5 facts about food already. This was completely unintentional.
22. Fall is my favorite season. That 50 to 60 degree range is pretty ace.
23. I recently purchased my first pair of rainboots. They’re bright yellow. I was excited.
24. I am about to be late to signing your guys’ Valentine Day cards.
25. And fun fact- Samantha ’12 in that entry is currently my roommate. :)

Have fun with this, kids.

42 responses to “25 things and another reason to come to CPW.”

  1. Tree says:

    I want a Valentine’s Day card from MIT :S

  2. Nishanth says:

    haha, two or three! 2.666.. would be a better answer

  3. Sam says:

    wait nooooooo don’t tell people about FOTC before presale ends

  4. Anonymous says:

    i just recently succumbed to my procrastination by doing the 25 things note.. although it took quite a while to write those things, it made me really think about myself.. and it probably was a very intense reality check for me too.. but it’s quite interesting to read about others,, i feel like i learn about them more from the note than from years of friendship.

    and several of mine were about food too! nothing is as sweet as the smell of food… mmm

  5. Cam says:

    Also, Flogging Molly is coming March 10th and the Dropkick Murphys are around March 12th-17th. Boston is cool like that.

  6. oh man!
    Flight of the Conchords is freakin hilarious!!!

  7. Torffick says:

    Ive just been Rick Rolled.

    Good post, hopefully I make it to CPW.
    And for some reason, I feel too lazy to write those 25 things on FB…things like that are hard for me to churn out without taking up time hmmm

  8. Torffick says:

    Ive just been Rick Rolled…for the nth time!

    Good post, hopefully I make it to CPW.
    And for some reason, I feel too lazy to write those 25 things on FB…things like that are hard for me to churn out without taking up time hmmm

  9. Nishanth says:

    Shannon, you’re hot! I keep falling out of my bed/crib too! And don’t worry I’ll get you some chocolate chip cookie ice cream & teach you one Asian language! …I’m fluent in 2/3 languages

  10. Ngozi '13 says:



  11. Ngozi '13 says:

    And darn! You rick rolled me!

    Still…Flight of the Conchords!!! So hilarious!

  12. Ngozi '13 says:

    Also, I advocate MIT buying Pre-Frosh tickets. Seriously:

    1.) The trip into Boston would be a great chance to sample the city.
    2.) Flight of the Conchords
    3.) The magnanimous gesture would be a perfect demonstration of how supportive MIT is of its students and their right to “party down”.
    4.) Things that are funny are good.*
    5.) I’m broke.

    *Not a Rick Roll! Fool you twice…

  13. sepideh says:

    well…i know 5+2/3 languanges:
    3/5+2/3 are asian
    2/5 are europian

  14. Arfa '13 says:

    Anyone interested in pooling for Flight of the Conchords tickets?

  15. Shannon says:

    Oh, sorry guys! Okay, CPW is Campus Preview Weekend, which is held one weekend in April for accepted students only. If you plan on deferring a year, you can still come, though- I have a lot of friends who did this. And I updated the blog entry with a link to this year’s site. smile

    CPW is pretty much the best, though- it’s everything that’s awesome about life at MIT crammed into 3 days. We start you drinking from the firehose early.

  16. OMGGG!!!! SAMMEE HERE!!! I CAN”T WAIITT FOR CPWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I just recently did the 25 thing in order to procrastinate on my homework!! whoohhooo!! smile

  17. Anonymous says:

    I just lost the game.

  18. Jesse says:

    What coincidence…I was just tagged three times in the 25 Random Things in Facebook and finished mine last night, now this came up –“

  19. Hey Shannon,

    Here’s an embarassing question – Is CPW only for those who were accepted to MIT for the class of ’13?

  20. Sudhanshu says:

    How often is CPW held? Is it for international accepted students as well?

  21. Sara '13 says:

    I was definitely soooo excited to see that Flight of the Conchords was in Boston that weekend, glad to see that somebody else is equally thrilled. : )

  22. deng says:

    @ Nishanth
    is that supposed to be two or three languages or .667 of a language? xD

    @michelle from israel
    yea, accepted 13’ers only

    CPW is once a year in april for all admits, including internationals.

  23. Ngozi '13 says:

    But Shannon, who would I contact about advocating the purchase of FoTC tickets for anxious CPW Pre-Frosh?

  24. Ashwath says:

    1. I absolutely detest mouth ulcers. Sadly, I suffer from them. Much too frequently.
    2. I like paper clips. Of any variety.
    3. My father insists on placing three books beneath my monitor to adjust its height.
    4. I’m not the biggest fan of portable music players and headphones. I prefer speakers.
    5. I hate spelling errors. I love pointing out spelling errors in pieces of written matter.
    6. My favourite character from the Harry Potter series is Severus Snape and I ship H/Hr. Heavily.
    7. I love the smell of freshly mown grass and the feeling of chalk in my fingers.
    8. I have a terrible sweet tooth.
    9. I’m currently obsessed with Milton’s ‘On his Blindness’. Especially the line – ‘They also serve who only stand and wait’. Sonnets in general are awesome!
    10. I live in South India. My lips are chapped because of the heat. Do I say anymore?
    11. I adore rainstorms. I jump with delight whenever I see dark clouds gathering.
    12. I have a serious weakness for fountain pens.
    13. I hate the number 8. It’s so ugly, especially because it’s in between two nice numbers – 7 and 9.
    14. I like tile-walking. Especially on mosaic floors with small tiles. The ‘knight’s move’ in chess is my favourite way of walking.
    15. I sing loudly at all odd hours of the night. Favorite songs include ‘The Sound of Silence’ and ‘Hey Jude’.
    16. I have an entire carton of books that as a guy I would never admit to reading. Some of them are among my favorites, so I shall say no more.
    17. I hate using adjectives more than once in any piece of writing. Especially adjectives like ‘vivid’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘passionate’.
    18. I like the words ‘sylvan’, ‘pristine’ and ‘intrepid’.
    19. Ireland and Rosen once wrote a book called ‘A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory’. It is the most lovely mathematical work I’ve ever read and I randomly look up stuff just to sigh at the beautiful style.
    20. I do way too many experiments with soap bubbles. Bathing consequentially takes more time than necessary. BTW, did you know that soap bubbles trap mosquitoes extremely effectively?
    21. I love the female name ‘Irene’. There’s something indescribably elegant about it. No doubt, I am influenced by the inimitable Sherlock Holmes and his ‘woman’, Irene Adler.
    22. I dislike the lead storage cell. It’s very annoying.
    23. Precession and Nutation have got to be the most amazing things known to humankind.
    24. Mosquitoes detect human beings by the carbon dioxide that they release. Or so I have heard.
    25. I’ve read more novels than I can recall. Random stuff from the school library mostly.

    There you go!

  25. AK says:

    I got a score of 108 out of 120 in Toefl(ibt).Is it good enough for getting admitted as a transfer student in MIT?

  26. Jason says:

    here’s my 25 because i feel that it is necessary to continue this chain even if via blog comments!

    1. I have a very sore throat right now. It hurts really badly and I can’t sleep because of it :(
    2. I’m watching Juno right now on TV. Love the soundtrack and the movie. I have a list of movies that as a guy I shouldn’t admit to enjoying, but some of them happen to be: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Mean Girls.
    3. I am not a socially awkward person, but I enjoy making people/situations awkward.
    4. I live in Philadelphia. There are approximately 6 inches of snow on the ground. I wear flip flops anyways.
    5. I am a prospective freshman to MIT (keeping my fingers crossed). I want a tube…does RA get a tube? I hope so, I want one.
    6. I am also going to be 20 in april. That’s right, a 20 year old freshman. Took time off to mature and figure out what I want to do with my life and it was one of the toughest and probably best decisions I’ve made.
    7. I love weird hats and argyle socks. I like wearing eccentric clothes in general. I wear sports coats a lot smile
    8. For a project in my senior year of high school, I rebuilt a small block Chevy. It currently sits in the engine compartment of my 1968 Camaro.
    9. I love being loud and I am very sarcastic.
    10. I don’t eat meat. It was a New Years resolution (this year’s) and I’ve been fairly (only two slip ups) good on keeping it.
    11. I’ve been to Boston only once before, fell in love with the entire city and am (hopefully) moving there.
    12. I usually drive a 1996 Ford Windstar. It’s a minivan, which has been nicknamed “The Mothership.” Don’t hate, it’s probably the greatest, most versatile vehicle ever.
    13. I’m taking some classes at a local community college right now to get back into the whole “school” and “studying” thing. I don’t even care if credits are transferred or not.
    14. This is my favorite number!
    15. I am planning on going to Boston for St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone else??
    16. I have 3 jobs.
    17. because of 16, I am always tired.
    18. I love the game of ice hockey. My favorite teams are Philly and Boston.
    19. I love music so much its really weird.
    20. I enjoy snowboarding. A lot.
    21. My Mom is my hero. I say this because she dropped out of college at my age, but returned, while raising two kids and working full time and graduated with a 4.0 (out of 4).
    22. My Dad on the other hand is one of my best friends. We even play hockey on the same team!
    23. When the movie “23” came out, I was working at American Eagle Outfitters and my manager and I saw it before a shift. American Eagle Outfitters has 23 letters.
    24. Don’t really like the show…never really got into it. I love Lost though!
    25. I read my horoscope, but don’t really believe it.

  27. Whoohoo!!! I got a valentine’s day card from you guys!!! thanks!!! smile

    And I can’t tell which is Shannon’s signature. Unless you happen to be the two swiggly lines in the bottom right corner? raspberry

  28. deng says:

    1. I cannot live without music.
    2. I am so jealous that the early admits get valentines day cards from MIT
    3. tennis/ping-pong sometimes feels like dancing to me
    4. sometimes I go to sleep, dream of a song, then wake up humming it
    5. I think “persimmon” is the coolest fruit name ever
    6. I used to balk at the idea of going to MIT because the only source of my information was from my parents.
    7. now I don’t think I’d fit in better anywhere else.
    8. I want to understand every experience, good and bad, so I can understand people… but I don’t really want to experience the bad things.. even though I may have to in order to understand the experience….. see the dilemma?
    9. I love the letter “x” in names and words. I just love the way it sounds.
    10. I always use the letters x,y,z as variables in math.. I never use “n” for number, or “c” for cost or anything like that. wait. except for angles. I always use theta in that case, never x.
    11. my head hurts every time I ice skate. I think it’s because of the cold + wind.
    12. I love psychology and hate my psychology class.
    13. I am deathly afraid of fire because I burned my finger once when I was 7, trying to light a candle. it wasn’t even a bad burn, didn’t even leave a mark.
    14. I keep an online journal. even though anyone who has a xanga can see it, it’s really written for myself. it’s also the only account I’d never delete (as opposed to myspace, facebook, random junk..)
    15. I think all praying mantises have purple arrows on their stomachs…. is it really just me?
    16. I use to be able to fly in most of my dreams… but I haven’t had a dream like that in a long time… (and I dream pretty much every night) I wonder what this means
    17. I’m so excited for summer because I’m going to china ^_^ time to run around in the blazing sun all day and burn every skin cell I own!!
    18. I grew up with coconuts, so I don’t understand the coconuts drinks that are artificially made… they taste nothing like actual coconut juice.
    19. a friend told me that 21 days is supposed to be efficient to break any habit… so I bought nail polish for the first time in my life (this was like… junior year xD) and kept my nails painted for 3 weeks. I still bite my nails.
    20. I’d be nocturnal if I could be.
    21. I dislike large chunks of meat.
    22. I am determined to eat at every restaurant within a 5 mile radius of MIT if I am accepted.
    23. sometimes thoughts come forward, but I can never actually compose a whole piece of writing… poetry, narratives, philosophical things… so they mostly end up as one liners on my xanga xD
    24. I really want to do/learn alot of things that I’ll probably never have time for… ballroom dancing, racket ball, knitting, crew, gaming, martial arts, painting, origami, animation, gymnastics, modeling, clothes design, figure skating, hair design… everything else…
    25. my 2 least favorite colors are pukey yellow-green and teal.

  29. Melody '13 says:

    I got my Valentine’s Day card today! I proudly showed it off to my parents who were immediately confused. I explained.

  30. @ashwath
    “21. I love the female name ‘Irene’. There’s something indescribably elegant about it. No doubt, I am influenced by the inimitable Sherlock Holmes and his ‘woman’, Irene Adler.”

    He’s inimitable?
    well, let’s just say there might be the next series of Sherlock Holmes coming up in ‚àö16 years….
    (yea, i m imitating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or trying my best to…)

    just had to put this comment here, i guess it’s the sherlock holmes spur…

  31. accepted!!! says:

    Hey everyone — well here it goes:
    1. I am getting an MRI tomorrow
    2. currently, I am procrastinating about writing a Euro paper that was due last monday.
    3. Sometimes I wish i was my cat. It seems like he has a really great life.
    4. I really like stata- so what if its kinda weird looking?
    5. Currenly, I am trying to decide which sports to play at MIT next year.
    6. I fell off my bed too- also a dry eyed event… except i got a front flip out of the deal instead of an ambulance.
    7. During this flip (off a bunk bed) i was awake.
    8. I almost won $50 in the superbowl. Damn steelers had to score that last touchdown!!!
    9.NYC is my hometown…haha “town”…
    10. The first time i saw MIT i hated it.
    11. After spending a summer there i loved it.
    12. I get cold easily
    13. when i was little i wanted to be in the olympics at 16.
    14. I hope to major in EECS or physics or mech e
    15. I recently installed Ubuntu on my computer
    16. I like chocolate ice cream
    17. I cannot detect sarcasm–this makes for some very embarrassing situations.
    18. On October 5th 1789, a crowd of several thousand women marched in a drenching rain twelve miles from the center of Paris to Versailles.
    19. that line was taken from my euro textbook.
    20. If i went to MIT, i could get from MIT to my house without getting in a plane, car, bus or boat.
    21. I just realized today that life is remarkably short.
    22. currently the beach boys is playing somewhere outside my house. some of their songs remind me of my mother.
    23. the official color of my bedroom is “Pistachio green”
    24. I like chocolate but hate peanut butter and chocolate.
    25. I can’t wait for CPW

  32. matthew '13 says:

    i hope i get a host that would go to the FOTC concert with me

  33. Jacob Herman says:

    1. Decided to check out the MIT Blogs to people read (similar to people watching)
    2. Admissions wait is like a drug. The more it goes to your head, the more you need it in your head.
    2. I am a boy/male/guy/not female.
    3. I change my mind to much. I don’t know if I want to go to school where its warm or normal. (Normal = hot Summers, cold Winter and beautiful Springs and Autumns.
    4. Grammar Nazis. I am jealous.
    5. I crave experience. I live on an island, secluded from the real world. I have an urgency to experience new things. College is one thing. Living in a big city, such as Boston , is my second urge. Thirdly, am I allowed to put more than one part to my 25 things?
    6. Am I allowed to use the word “things?”
    7. Xkcd comics may be the best informal literature I have EVER read.
    8. Wow, I am only on number 8.
    9. It is 9:49 pm. I have not slept more than 6 hours on a school night, since school started.
    10. I feel that high school is holding me back from my true potential.
    11. Life is so boring right now.
    12. Avoid all things that suck the life out of you. exemplia gratia: Velociraptors, dementors, MMORPGs, Jorge from TNOTR (careful, he bites), bath math puns from you Calculus teacher, and, of course, anxiety from admissions.
    13. I need a MIT poster in my room.
    14. If reality was the integral of an inverse trig function, then procrastination would actually amount to something. (unless it goes below the x-axis)
    15. What is the meaning of life?
    16. Don’t say 42. (Please)
    17. Does asking questions reveal more about you true self than actually describing yourself? (I would say yes)
    18. I am addicted (ellipsis) to the internet.
    19. I am in love …….. with Adblocker plus.
    20. Why is GOD tormenting us?
    21. It is 9:59 pm.
    22. Does anybody else want to rule the world?
    23. I have released much of my pent up anxiety and stress onto the webz. Pressure has stabilized and my head will not rocket off into geosynchronous orbit.
    23. For some reason, whenever I count in another language, I always count 23 twice.
    24. Once you take Fizzix, you never go back(to thinking about the world as the simple do)
    25. My biggest fear is concluding. (I wish it would never end) (Wait, is that a metaphor for death.) (Why am I having a conversation with myself in parentheses.) (*shut up, don’t tell the others.) (huh?) (Who’s there?) (I thought I killed you?!) (No, I have been with you all along.) (Well, I am putting you back in the basement where I left you before.)

  34. Alex '13 says:

    I propose that a contingent of sorts from MIT CPW attend the Flight of the Conchords, even if people must pay individually to attend. 1) Prefrosh need a chance to socialize with people of similar interests. 2) Those that dont know of Flight of the Conchords need to become enlightened. 3) Prefrosh do not know the city and/or transportation systems 4) ITS FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS

    I rest my case.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Your Page Title

    This is totally random:

    1. I like the feeling of spinning on one of those comfy computer chairs.
    2. I am *THE* LOST fan.
    3. I like listening to Pink Floyd, as loud as I can.
    4. I have a disorder, which I call The-inability-to-stop-checking-my-email Disorder, it’s very serious.
    5. Stephen Hawking is my idol.
    6. I speak three languages.
    7. I like Sushi w/ wasabi, and wasabi w/o Sushi.
    8. I like putting things in order, and seeing them in order. I don’t mean this in an OCD manner.
    9. I enjoy watching cheesy James Bond films from the 70’s and 80’s.
    10. There’s nothing really *special* about me. I didn’t start reading when I was two, I didn’t know what two times three was when I was three, I lived a generally *normal* life. I think that the only thing that is special about me is my passion for knowledge.

  36. Abdel-karim says:

    This is totally random:

    1. I like the feeling of spinning on one of those comfy computer chairs.
    2. I am *THE* LOST fan.
    3. I like listening to Pink Floyd, as loud as I can.
    4. I have a disorder, which I call The-inability-to-stop-checking-my-email Disorder, it’s very serious.
    5. Stephen Hawking is my idol.
    6. I speak three languages.
    7. I like Sushi w/ wasabi, and wasabi w/o Sushi.
    8. I like putting things in order, and seeing them in order. I don’t mean this in an OCD manner.
    9. I enjoy watching cheesy James Bond films from the 70’s and 80’s.
    10. There’s nothing really *special* about me. I didn’t start reading when I was two, I didn’t know what two times three was when I was three, I lived a generally *normal* life. I think that the only thing that is special about me is my passion for knowledge

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