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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

2,822 applications by Matt McGann '00

So, after two entries that seemed to relax people a bit, I do need to come back with a reality check:

It was reported today that we received 2,822 early action applications this year, just about the same as last year. It was also reported that we plan to take fewer students this year during the early action round than we did last year. In 2003 we admitted 438 students during EA; this year, I anticipate it will be fewer than 400. Last year, though, we admitted more than 300 students we had deferred from EA; I suspect the numbers will be somewhat similar this year (we don’t set a target on this number).

We will go into committee about a week and a half from now, after all of the folders have been read. That’s when we’ll first start admitting the Class of 2009. More on this as the day draws nearer.

Look for me in the crowds Thursday morning at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After that, I’ll have the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner with my extended family. Then I’ll spend the entire rest of the weekend reading applications! No Thanksgiving break for us admissions officers…

Anyone else have interesting plans for Thanksgiving?

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