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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Class of 2021 Wait List by Matt McGann '00

Today, we have closed out the wait list for the Class of 2021.

The May 1 reply deadline has come and gone, and we know many of you have been awaiting news about our wait list. During the past week, we’ve been waiting for all our admitted students to submit their final decisions so we could figure out whether or not we had room to admit students from our wait list this year, and, if so, room for how many.

Each year, our plan and hope is  to admit students from the wait list. This year, we had a record-high percentage of admitted students choosing to enroll at MIT (also known in admissions parlance as the “yield”) of greater than 76%, which left very little space to admit students off of the wait list.

Today, around 5:00pm Eastern Time, we will email all students on our wait list their admission decision. Of the more than 400 students on our wait list, 14 will be offered admission. At that point, our wait list will close, and we will not be admitting any additional students for the Class of 2021.

Thank you for all the wonderful updates that many of you have submitted. We appreciate the time and effort you have put in to letting us know how much you love MIT, and regret that we did not have more room.

On behalf of the entire MIT Admissions staff, we wish you all the very best in college and beyond. We know you will make a huge impact on the world.