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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Decision Day Eve by Matt McGann '00

Your questions as the May 1 deadline approaches.

Tomorrow is May 1, otherwise known as the Common Reply Date. This is the day by which admitted students need to let colleges know their enrollment decision.

If you’re still undecided: How can we help you make your decision? What more would you like to know about MIT? What are your lingering concerns? I am available, as are all of the bloggers, to field questions below in the comments, all the way through midnight tomorrow…

If you haven’t yet replied: As soon as you’ve made up your mind for sure about whether or not to attend MIT, please let us know your decision through the online reply form at MyMIT. You can reply any time today (April 30) or tomorrow (May 1); the formal deadline is 11:59pm on May 1.  You have three choices: tell us you’re enrolling this fall (Yay! Welcome officially to the MIT Class of 2017!), that you’re declining our offer of admission (it’s okay, we know you’re making the best choice for yourself), or to request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT (for a gap year, military service, or other reason). Whatever your decision is, please do reply through the online form as soon as you can. This way, we can ensure the fairest treatment of waitlisted students.

If you need more time: If you would like to request an extension of your deadline because you don’t have complete financial aid information (or some other good reason), please contact Michael Yang in the Admissions Office to request the extension, and be sure to also be in touch with your financial aid officer.

If you’re already said YES to MIT: Yay! We’re looking forward to seeing you in the fall! More information will be available soon here.

If you’ve already said NO to MIT: Thank you for having applied; it was great getting to know you. We know you’ve made the right decision for yourself, and wish you all the best for your undergraduate years!

If you’re on the waitlist: I know many of you are curious, but we won’t be able to say anything until mid-May, so please be patient. In the meantime, make sure you enroll at another school before May 1.

If you’re a transfer applicant: The process continues, please continue to be patient…

Happy April 30th!