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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

5 days to May 2 by Matt McGann '00

With 5 days until the May 2 postmark deadline, is anyone still making a decision? If so, what are your remaining questions? What factors are you considering? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

For those of you on the wait list, we won’t know if we’ll be going to the waitlist until we hear back from everyone. With postmarks on May 2, I don’t expect to know anything until the following week. In the meantime, May 1/2 is coming up quickly for you, too, and I hope that you’ve found another school that you would love to attend next year.

Longtime readers may know that Tuesday is the night I do pub trivia with my friends. One of last night’s bonus questions was interesting and challenging, so I thought I’d test you.

Q. I’ll provide a country and its largest city by population. You provide that country’s second largest city. For example, if I said United States, New York City, you would answer: Los Angeles. Answers are in the comments section.

  1. France, Paris
  2. Germany, Berlin
  3. Mexico, Mexico City
  4. Russia, Moscow
  5. Canada, Toronto
  6. India, Bombay/Mumbai

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