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MIT student blogger Natasha B. '16

A Continuing Experiment in Cooperative Eating by Natasha B. '16

or, every food picture I have ever posted from pika

The streets are paved with slush, everything is cold, and my pajamas have penguins on them. It is decidedly winter.

But at pika, it’s spring rush. This means feasts and festivity. Festivities like poetry slams, strange instrument concerts, and sitting in a dark room listening to music with ice water and grapes (my personal favorite so far. Feasts like homemade tamales, traditional Ethiopian food, sushi, and a Chinese New Year’s meal, all made here, by us, with friends. (See our calendar for the rest of the week’s events; read/watch this if you want to know more about pika.)

In honor of this especially pika week, here is every pika food picture I have ever Instagrammed.


sushi last spring


something sweet



honeycomb from our backyard beehive + goat’s milk


ginger beer

homebrewed ginger beer (what’s that turquoise thing in the background, you ask? a relic: see #3 on this list of weird toys.)


toasting flour

flour toasting



faworki by our Polish exchange student from the other Cambridge (we miss you, Kuba)


salad featuring apples and flowers from a pikan’s family garden in western Massachusetts


not food, but food related


Indian dinner by Anvita and Ru


a pancake I made to look like a turkey


lemon zest shortbreadá la pumpkin custard and tart cherry purée with coarse salt garnish


chocolate-coated candied orange peels (and the preschool next door)


gingerbread pumpkin-frosted chocolate-drizzled heart cake


animal pancakes, round two: a llama and a rhinoceros


Dan’s classic sourdough, made with pika’s very own legendary sourdough starter, “The Cousin from Ipswich”


Come eat with us.