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MIT student blogger Shannon M. '12

A little something while you wait. by Shannon M. '12

Don't plan on doing work until we finish this.

I have some pretty fond memories of second semester senior year, largely consisting of doing nothing, making random trips to Steak ‘N Shake on weekday nights, and sleeping more than I had, like, EVER.

And in officially less than 4 days (OHMYGODDECISIONZ), over a 1000 of you will be right there with year-ago-me. Yay, you now know where you’re going to college (MIT, clearly), your teachers have given up on trying to make you work, and life is good.

But in the meantime, you probably want to do anything but work, so that is why I propose the following: an MIT Admissions Blogs wide game of Funny Farm.

Picture 15

It is pretty much impossible to solve this by yourself, though I wouldn’t put it past an MIT applicant to actually be able to do it. The game is pretty self-explanatory: you start with the phrase “On A Farm,” which is connected to a bunch of boxes. Those connecting lines indicate that the general idea of the connected box is along the lines of the original, and the number of dots is the number of letters in the word. Okay, in case I’m not making sense, here’s the game with a couple of solutions in it:

Picture 16

Following? Okay, the clincher here is you can actually save the game AND just post the link they give you anywhere. Meaning, we can all work on this together and keep posting what progress we’ve made on the game in the comments. Even better, you can actually merge games, too, so if someone posts a new link you can just add their answers to the game you’re working on.

So have at it, MIT applicants. Here’s the link to the game I just started above. :)

100 responses to “A little something while you wait.”

  1. Jesse says:

    I wish I have time to play games…I’m having mock exams for the next one and a half week…

    I’ll try out the game soon =)

  2. Anon says:

    Something went wrong.
    This is probably caused by too much traffic.

    Whoops. wink

  3. Shannon says:

    Seriously, even if you start there this will STILL take forever.

  4. Cam says:

    Maybe 10 friends and I worked on this over e-mail, and finished one a while ago. Took a while. All of us high school juniors at the time. This should be fun, though :-D

  5. Rebeca says:

    Shannon: I know… it took me forever just to get there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Something went wrong.
    This is probably caused by too much traffic.

    same here

  7. Oasis '11 says:

    Funny Farm!

    It consumed so much of my time last year, heh.

    Something else you guys should check out is the Tim Tang Test (just google it online). I got to Level 99 in a few months last year when I didn’t have any work and never got past 99 (that level is friggin hard!) :( haha.

  8. comboy says:

    ocean ware, of course

    [url=”;=+” rel=”nofollow”]


  9. Ilyanep says:

    Added one, just so I could say I participated lol.


  10. ngolsh says:

    the point is to add on to someone else’s work.

  11. ngolsh says:

    is this page’s formatting messed up for anyone else? or is it just me.

  12. MIT hopeful says:

    [url=”;=+” rel=”nofollow”]


  13. comboy says:

    thanks ngolsh
    let me forget to sleep, ahan nice coffee is gonna be made

    Matt A: I’m afraid of your links, if i click i’m sure i’ll see more than 25 parts completed

    let me learn to walk after i drink my coffee

  14. comboy says:

    are those near cow “…” something cow
    yes of course
    three dots for cow, add something before them

  15. Mary says:

    this does bring back some memories wink too bad we never finished…maybe this time we will ^.^

  16. Narce says:

    Ah, I won’t participate in this because I’ve done that whole game before over a long period of time ^.^” It’s one of those “the whole thing comes back to you as you complete more of it” deals, so it would really be cheating for someone who’s already done it to do it again.

    But man, some of those were really hard -.-” If you know all the answers, the entire thing goes by in minutes, but figuring out some of those just takes CONSTANT CONTEMPLATION~ I spent a lot of free time in class jotting down options for certain connections when I got stuck, and tried them all when I got home~ Needless to say, I googled many of the words that came up because, as I found out, I had never even heard of what the game said was connected to them! I think it would’ve been more fun in a group~

  17. deng says:

    the formatting is messed up because of the mile-long links xD

    I wish I had the time to do this… -.-
    I have so much work to do right now.
    plus I just got back from a 4 hour choir rehearsal.. 7 hours tomorrow and same on thursday O_O

  18. Noelle says:

    I just lost the game.

  19. ngolsh says:



    haha jk.

  20. comboy says:

    hey wait, i’m trvly feeling that i’m using google and counting dots more than using my grey-cells.

  21. comboy says:

    there should be beaver somewhere, i’m not in the farm, counting dots is not funny – that doesn’t mean i feel sleepy.

  22. Matt A. says:

    Merged the last two and added a few…I fail at pop culture.

    I only added like 2 the first time I posted, I have no idea why you’d say that.

  23. Matt A. says:

    oops, forgot the link, and ngolsh beat me to it

  24. Dago says:

    “itchy & scratchy” is the one between Tom & Jerry and the Simpsons

  25. Dago says:

    Keane is another one in British Bands….. Do all the games merge by themselves? or do we have to merge them?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Really really close…….

    check out the upper right, help me out with that

  27. Narce says:

    Don’t forget everyone, your real objective is to solve the metapuzzle; after you unlock all 4 yellow clue boxes, you can do so by typing your answer in the guess box at any time. It is actually possible to beat the game in 47 guesses or less… though you have to already know the full paths to do that >.>

  28. Narce says:

    And I don’t consider this a spoiler even if it’s not in the hints (not gonna read the hints; it might be there, since it seems like an “obvious place” for hints to be raspberry), but all 4 clues are in the corner-boxes. I noticed by the most recent update that you have not even found the yellow box in the one corner currently unlocked, much less guessed what is inside.

  29. Narce says:

    Ahahahah, don’t be silly! You’ve already solved what’s likely a greater percentage of the puzzle than when I solved it; in puzzles like this, I have a tendency to “work towards the corners and then solve inwards”, so it’s a coincidence that I found all the clues so fast.

    And if our great class of 2013 wants to find every single connection in the entire game rather than just solve the metapuzzle, that’s a really amazing thing raspberry

  30. Narce says:

    Aww, that would be the section I’d be most useful in out of the whole puzzle!

  31. ngolsh says:

    Everyone’s work so far.

    pizza break! someone please take over the merging for a while

  32. ngolsh says:

    New Square!!!!

    acid/base… who would’ve guessed.
    oh, thats right, i did. :D

    haha jk

  33. Matt A. says:

    annnnnd we got it at the same time, but it still should have been earlier

  34. Anon says:

    Definitely going to try this on my own.
    I’m sure it’ll still be keeping me occupied when I get my decisions… -next- year.

  35. Anonymous says:

    New square (right middle) has ‘LSD’ and ‘drugs’
    Someone needs to merge, though

  36. Anonymous says:

    opium is a word, too

  37. ngolsh says:

    More done in the second to last square……..

    Reservoir Dogs? really? haha smile
    great movie though.

  38. Logan says:

    yeah I think the whole board is too many, so I got 3 friends, we’re doing okay. It takes up more time this way smile

  39. comboy says:

    wow, matt A. I just realized i’ve been observed here. this sentence proves i’m not sleeping which is not a beneficial piece of information

    beauty comes here, i’ve just seen openSolaris desktop. please distribute your passion with penguins on march 14

  40. James says:

    what’s the html syntax to hyperlink words within this textbox instead of pasting the entire address?

  41. Chris says:

    I don’t need more stuff to do while I wait… but this was so alluring I just lost 20 minutes playing around with it (didn’t get too far and someone else had already gotten what I did).

    Darn you Shannon =P I have to run to a dress rehearsal and I still have hw to do..

  42. Chris says:

    Before I go I made a little progress with rocks. I think there is another google service that relates to earth science, and a dinosaur with a second word of four letters. Merged with James’s latest.

    with rocks

  43. James says:

    Chris, you missed Kung-fu i think…right of bottom left

  44. Matt A. says:

    it’s a hint to the solution to the whole meta-puzzle. There’s four of them

  45. James says:

    Compiled Version!!

    Thank you MIT for forcing me to learn HTML for textboxes

  46. James says:

    rofl omfg “that 70s show” is an answer?!! cadaeib have you never seen that show?

  47. Narce says:

    Hahahah, if 70 didn’t show up in the middle of it, I doubt anyone could have gotten that from “Vista” raspberry

    But 2 more to go, guys ^.^ Then you can all start guessing at the answer to the metapuzzle (won’t take very long at that point).