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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

A Man of Many Hat(ches) by Bryan

Keyword: Free.

So one of the best aspects of being in Boston for the summer is all of the free cultural events that you can avail yourself of.

One of the popular venues for such events is the Hatch Shell. Not only does the Hatch Shell play host to the Boston Pops on July 4th, but it also plays host to a number of other events that despite not having a fireworks display to rival volcanic eruptions are also very exciting to see.

A few events of note this summer include:

Free Friday Flicks – Free movies sponsored by a local radio station. It’s like a drive-in without the car essentially. You pull up, lay out a blanket and watch movies like Corpse Bride and Grease.

Temptations Concert – My mom is a fan of oldies, and thus until I was old enough to have my own stereo system, I jammed out with her. Saturday night, they had a reunion concert of sorts.

India Day – Yesterday, the India Association of Greater Boston came out and threw an awesome event at the Hatch Shell. Not only did they have my favorite dishes of saag paneer and naan, MIT Bhangra closed the performance schedule out with a colorful performance that actually had me inspired enough to jump into a mosh pit and put a friend on my shoulders as one of my roommates danced on stage.

Daniel Powter Concert – While all of his songs all sound the same to me, when it’s a free concert you don’t complain.

A short walk across Storrow Drive, you can get to Boston Common where this summer, Shakespeare on the Common performed a modern rendition of Taming of the Shrew.

7 responses to “A Man of Many Hat(ches)”

  1. Christi says:


  2. thekeri says:

    Birthday! Woo hoo!

    Of course, I got home from work too late to actually do this on the 14th, but that’s so not the point here.

    And all of Daniel Powter’s songs ARE the same. I think. I can’t tell, actually.

  3. Joe says:

    Happy (late) birthday!

    Just a quick question, but is the Hatch close enough to hear/see the BP on 4th of July? Or do I actually have to walk/bike it?

  4. gannu says:

    hey happy birth day to u dear

    plz give me guidelines to me for getting admission into mit

  5. Bryan says:

    Hey Joe,

    The Hatch Shell is definitely close enough to see on July 4th if you’re watching from MIT. As far as hearing, they actually line speakers up on Memorial Drive as well so you can hear the performance.

    – Bryan

  6. Aziz '10 says:

    Nice entry ;p More importantly, Happy Birthday man!!