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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

a rose is a rose is a rose by Jenny X. '13 a rose

So I haven’t blogged for a while – again…

I’m not going to lie – it’s actually because I’ve been doing architecture stuff and that’s like, most of it.

Haven’t really gone to any big new events. Haven’t made any profound life discoveries.

Just surrendering hours and hours and hours to various software and machines and spray paint and glue…and meeting deadlines.

I won’t say too much about that because my blog has been so coursework-dominated this semester- I don’t want to stress it out. All I know is, no pain no gain.

The work has been painful. But yeah, so much learning going on – that’s what we’re going for right??? Haha.

And nowwwww, to bring some holiday spirit in hereeee;

Yesterday was Burton 1 (my floor)’s holiday party/gingerbread house making contest.

Each class gets to build their own; the 2013s were feeling pretty funky and we agreed on a ‘famous art’ theme. I don’t know why other people agreed, but I certainly did so to avoid ARCHITECTURAL THOUGHTS, STRUCTURAL FOUNDATIONS, ETC. and just make pretty pictures…

Can you see which pieces we recreated with frosting?

Answers Revealed.

(ahh so blurry :( …sorry)

(credits to Evie’13 for the titles of these masterpieces – and for the whole “let’s make artttttt” idea actually)

the Burton-Conner housemasters were the judges…


It’s actually really heavy; there’s lots of candy inside. The 2013s will probably schedule a pinata beatdown sometime during the upcoming finals week.



i can’t tell you not to worry, to relax, because whether you’re on the “excited” side of things, or the “freaking out” end – that’s just unrealistic. But you’ll be okay. This semester has reminded me again and again that

a rose is a rose is a rose (things are what they are…)

So ride the waves of life.

7 responses to “a rose is a rose is a rose”

  1. “a rose is a rose is a rose” – if that was a Gertrude Stein reference, props. If it was a George Watsky-referencing-Gertrude-Stein reference, even more props.

  2. Jackson Pollock… XD


  3. Corey says:

    Your frosted rendition of Munch’s The Scream is awesome.

  4. Congratulations for the piñata! Hahaha… Great post!

  5. Wendy says:

    Nom nom, your creations look both pretty and yummy.

  6. Nadia'15? says:

    “a rose is rose” I thought of “Moses Supposes” of ‘Singing in the rain’, but it doesn’t have that much repetition. Nonetheless, fun!!!!

  7. Jewheeee says:

    noooo i wish we were cracking the pinata open before i left in the morning :(