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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

A Sweet Deal by Bryan

An offer I will not refuse.

I just got this email, and I’m excited.

Any recommendations on who we should take out to dinner or where we should go out to eat?

Mitra recommends: Professor Jeffrey Harris

Professor Harris is a health economist and holds an MD as well as a PhD. He studies the economics behind anything from smoking to AIDS.

Sam recommends: Preetinder S. Virk

Professor Virk teaches 10.301 and I hear he’s a fan of Nelly.


Since you are a member of the MIT Class of 2007,

You get to ask a professor out to a nice dinner on the town. And we’ll pay for it.

So, not only do you get a chance to interact closely with amazing teachers, professors, scientists, historians, etc,

you also get what we all enjoy so much…FREE FOOD.


How about this:

Get a group of between 2 and 10 students with one faculty member, and go out to any restaurant you want. And we will cover up to $25 per person at the meal, just bring us back an ITEMIZED receipt with a list of the students and faculty member who went, and we’ll reimburse you up to $25 per person.

If you plan on taking this offer, you MUST email 2007council and receive confirmation before you have dinner. FUNDS ARE LIMITED, so first come first served!


Your 2007 Council

6 responses to “A Sweet Deal”

  1. yaz says:

    Who could refuse that?

  2. Ben says:

    Alex Slocum – he’s a super nice guy and he’ll wear a cool shirt. Also Henry Jenkins – everything that comes out of that guy’s mouth is truly fascinating.

    If those fall through, I hear there are some awesome people in admissions.

  3. gm says:

    Thanks for the post Bryan! MIT seems even more interesting and unique every time I visit the blogs and learn something new! Dining with professors… wow. And not to mention free food as well!

  4. Three words. Arthur P. Mattuck.

  5. Bashir says:

    That sounds so cool. So this council thing, is it for each class of MIT or just that of 2007?

  6. Natalia says:

    Professor Virk obviously…

    either way, liked your post about the article of time magazine, and truly there’s nothing more fascinating then science. It has a beauty in itself