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MIT student blogger Phoebe C. '18

anatomy of a hell week by Phoebe C. '18

do not try at home

let me take a second to talk about the week i’ve had:

last thursday, i went to not one but two P.E. classes because it was the last day of the quarter, and i also read three stories for CMS.307 workshop. the thursday evening section of CMS.307 coincided with a 6.867 exam, so i had to make that up the next morning at 8 a.m. i hadn’t studied nearly enough, so i stayed up most of the night cramming material i had barely looked at before. afterwards, i went home and slept through a 14.121 review session, woke up in the evening, had a nice dinner with my friend, and then realized i had a bunch of unfinished work for my UROP. hanging over my head for the week was half of a 14.121 pset that i’d gotten stuck on.

if mit is hell, i have descended to the 9th circle and am hangin’ out in the ice lake w/ judas and satan :~)

i spent this weekend working on a behemoth of a homework assignment for 6.867 and trying to catch up on my late 14.121 homework and studying for a 14.121 final exam that is worth literally my entire grade in the class. melodrama filled the gaps. more 6.867 (behemoth!!) on monday and tuesday and then more 14.121 on tuesday night. i’m writing the first draft of this blog post on the tail end of an all-nighter spent cramming for 14.121. i had an 18.112 pset due at 10 am today that i will need to turn in late because i’ve used up my one and only extension in the course. i am supposed to have read the hunger games for CMS.307 but there was no time to read it (my bad); at least i’ve read it before.

basically: sometimes you become extremely hosed and things are super rough and you sit in your room and eat an ungodly amount of junk food and cram for tests and sleep through lunch plans and do everything else you always advise other people not to do :( and it’s painful and not-fun, and you experience a lot of stress and snap at people you care about and wonder what in the world is the point of all of this.


i am so looking forward to the weekend and to completing a first draft of a short story for CMS.307, to halloween and next haunt and having a little time to see my friends/the light of day again!

a photo from better days (boston harbor, 10/15)