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MIT student blogger Jenny X. '13

Anyone else OCD about saving space?? by Jenny X. '13

This blog is about things on my computer.

(Preface: I am also sorry for disappearing. D:)

So anyone who knows me knows that I have strange computer habits/superstitions such as keeping the laptop charging even though it’s 100% charged – which I’ve been told is actually bad for the computer, but whatever – Ineedtobeliterallyandfigurativelypluggedin (typing without spaces is another idiosyncracy).

My left [shift] key was also set as some function other than being [shift]. That drove my architecture studio professor crazy. So I finally changed my mind.

AND ONE THING I REALLY HATE IS USING SPACE ON MY COMPUTER – via you know, installing software and things. 100 MBs?? 4.1 GBs?? GET. OUT.

Yeah, it’s pretty irrational – computers are meant to be used, aren’t they. But still, I want my free space.

So that’s why architecture has been such a pain in the derrière these days. (Also, the programs just suck – yet they’re superstars at sucking away all my time.)

Apparently, we’re so deep into the digital age that I can’t take an architecture class without having to install a billion types of software. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had to partition my macbook to install Windows, so that I can then install AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, 3D-Max and soon to come vray and wufi. I am so distressed for my computer. The upside is that I’m actually gaining some concrete skills for the industry.

Some visuals:

So I spent literally 6 hours drawing those lines on Rhino.

– and then 6 more hours making all those lines 3-D; Note: every line has 10 segments, each segment has to be moved a specific distance individually. So yeah…

For design computing, we got to make 3D models. Basically, we modeled a cafe on AutoCAD and sent it to a big, expensive 3D Printer …

in this scary room:

This is the printer:

So the printer makes marks back and forth like a regular printer, except replacing paper with … powder…After the printing is done, we have to excavate the model like an archaeologist, with tools and everything…

– and then it gets baked in the oven!

(Mine’s the one in the middle; all the people I put into the model died…well, there’s half-a-torso left on a bench.)


ALSO I was just reading about Hamsika’s calendar and wanted to follow up with mine…

Look at that sea of blue…

But don’t worry; read this gchat convo I had with my friend —

Wendy: lots of stuff to do
me: yeah
i’m iCal-ing
right now
Wendy: XD
any white areas? i’m guessing not many :P
me: oh i never do
cause i schedule
and shower
Wendy: ahahha OH
thats funnyyy XD XD
11:00-11:05 – go to bathroom
me: you’re jealous of my life
i know
Wendy: ahahaha

Haha, have a good day people :)

ALSO. Seniors-who’ve-applied/applying-soon::: stop stressing out about SAT scores….!!!

1) They’re done and over with and the scores won’t change.
2) They will most likely not be the factor to get you in MIT or keep you out.

So think about something else :P

17 responses to “Anyone else OCD about saving space??”

  1. naren says:

    hie, jenny.That was a nice post but I seriously think that you should reconsider the fact about partitioning your life as a computer…..I mean such rigid scheduling would only frustrate you rather than free up your life.Just a suggestion but nice post…..again.

  2. Jenny! This is awesome. I hate using up space on my PC tooo!

  3. Sepideh says:

    ahh I know exactly what you mean. I hate that too. I’m always trying to keep my memory space tidy. I’m actually like that with my e-mail inbox too. Everything not worth to read a second time goes right into the trash!

  4. anon '14 says:

    out of curiosity, what branch of course 4 are you? they all seem pretty different.

  5. Jenny '13 says:

    @ bolt – um…. like a facetious smirk? i’d say a joking smile.

    @naren – smile thanks for your concern. others have told me similar things; i.e. “are you serious; scheduling sleep is ridiculous”. but it’s not like i follow my calendar religiously anyway. i just like to have a general idea of how much time i have for the week – so actually it’s easier to schedule things on the fly too cause i’d know how much wiggle room there is.

    @ anon ’14 – I don’t think course 4’s our year have differentiated yet, but I will be doing architectural design.

  6. bolt says:

    Could you tell me what XD means ?

  7. ck says:

    try using grasshopper plugin for rhino scripting, will save you a lot time to rest, doing the form.

  8. jpsi says:

    Rhino is outstanding!

    You do know that there is a mac version right? and it is free since it is a beta test.

    Also, it should take you much less time to draw those lines if you use console and typing rather than clicking with a mouse…

  9. Doood, your friend Wendy seems cool. I’m sure she’s feeling really good about being mentioned in a blog post :D

  10. NoForrealz.. says:

    …I never realized how many ahaha’s and smileys I use…

  11. Shibo Zhong says:

    Nice post Jenny. I used get kinda OCD with space saving too, but now I just use an external hard drive. (2TB is a MUCH more than I can save…considering how the hard disk in my laptop is only 70 GB)

    The hardware you’re using looks really advanced. Is that a 3D printer?

  12. kutee says:

    hey Jenny!It’s fun to read your blog! Nice model btw smile
    You must be a very good student since you got into MIT.
    Good luck with college!

  13. Jenny '13 says:

    @ ck – oo, just searched up grasshopper, sounds awesome! will look into it; thanks.

    @ jpsi – yes i’ve been using the mac beta version. hmm, i’m not sure by console…

    @ shibo – hey yeah, it’s a 3D printer. smile all these new tech are so overwhelming…but impressive haha.

  14. kutee says:

    hello Jenny? did u even see my comment?

  15. Jenny '13 says:

    @ kutee – yes i did. thank you. i don’t know how ‘good’ i am, but am happy to be here. c:

    & thanks everyone else.

  16. kutee says:

    I’m sure you are good Jenny and your pretty too smile!

  17. '10 says:

    OCD is a serious disease. It’s really not appropriate to use it for this context.