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MIT staff blogger Mikey Yang '05

As we hurtle towards Pi Day… by Mikey Yang '05

A post of posts.

Things are getting fast and furious as we head towards Thursday, but I thought I’d take a tiny break to post a little something. I’ve already had a lot of “bleary eyed” moments in the last few weeks (my eyes are actually pretty sore as I type this), which reminded me of the post I wrote a couple years ago (see below).

As someone commented on Lydia’s recent post, around this time of year there are usually a bunch of “pre-pi-day” posts with various thoughts, comments, and advice before the decisions go out. Lydia’s is one such post that is worth a read. I’ve collected a few others from over the years that I think are worth perusing, too (though it is by no means an exhaustive list):

Me, March 16, 2011: Bleary-eyed

David duKor-Jackson, March 13, 2012: To whom much is given…

Lydia K. ’14, March 8, 2012: As We Approach Decision Day

Anna H. ’14, March 10, 2011: I Challenge You

Chris M. ’12, March 13, 2010: Decisions, Decisions…

I will admit this may not qualify as a “real” post as it is essentially a post of other posts, but I hope it provides some good perspective and interesting reading for those of you waiting for Pi Day. As mentioned in the posts above: don’t panic, dream big, explore the internet, don’t obsess, solve some puzzles, look at cute cats, thank people, and go relax and have some fun while you wait!

Feel free to comment and share your favorite blog posts below too.

[Disclaimer: if you have questions, probably best not to ask them here, as I probably won’t be able to respond to much of anything in the next 42 hours or so as we wrap everything up with decisions; apologies in advance!]

Okay, it’s 11pm and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Time to go get some food…