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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

BoA & Restricting by Matt McGann '00

I’m sitting on my couch with my friend Jeff (who, after graduating with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from MIT in Urban Studies & Planning, Jeff is now a city planner for the city of Cambridge, MA) watching “Korean Music Countdown” on the International Channel, as we do most Monday evenings. BoA’s “My Name” is down to #10 this week. The #8 video, “Windy” by Eugene, reminds me of a Dance Troupe concert (Dance Troupe, by the way, is one of the most popular student groups at MIT, with its concerts always selling out). At #6, Lee Jung’s “Look at Me” borrows from Bollywood (and reggae?)… awesome! Shinhwa’s “Brand New” is #1 this week (I know you like them, DrinkableYogurt).

I need to give a shout out to two of my colleagues who have their blogs up and running now. Ben Jones is my rock star boss. Daniel Barkowitz, the Director of Financial Aid, is the guy who will come up with the mad cash after you’re admitted. Check them both out!

The Daily Show is now on, and Jon Stewart is making fun of Ashlee Simpson’s SNL gaffe. As an aside, Ashlee’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera’s drummer is the brother of my friend Eric (who also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from MIT in Urban Studies & Planning).

Commenting on my last entry, Adriana asked about essay length. I know you all are getting mixed messages about this. We say in the application, “Please keep to a 500-word limit.” Kevin says in his blog that 650 words is okay. Adriana would really like to submit 800 words. What should you do?

Well, here’s what I can tell you. We’re not going to reject you because of the length of your essay. We do not have an auto-word-counter for the online application. Also, I am not going to count the words in your essay. I have never even estimated the length of an essay response.

Really, quality is much more important than quantity. And some people, I know, do have more to say than what fits in 500 words. If that is you, I’d encourage you to show your essay to your favorite English teacher, tell him/her that your essay is currently longer than the recommended limit, and ask what advice s/he would give you. They may tell you to send in the longer essay, and if they do, I’d trust that. Or, if they recommend paring it down to restrict it to 500 words, I’d take that advice.

I wish you all my best as we approach the early action deadline. And now, as The Daily Show ends, I’m going to bed. Good night!

Not the same few colleges: The University of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson knew what he was doing. Also, my favorite radio station in the United States is WNRN 91.9 in Charlottesville.

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