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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

For those of you hoping for an Admissions status update, here goes: we’re reading applications. Lots and lots of applications.

It’s been quite busy here in Admissions lately. In addition to the requisite 4-5 reading days each week, we have 2 “work” days with Admissions-related meetings. Today was pretty much consecutive meetings from 9am until 7pm for me. This morning was a meeting about our new viewbook, discussed in Ben’s latest post, followed by some planning for Campus Preview Weekend, and finally a meeting with a student group. And finally, after posting this entry, I’ll be going home to relax tonight.

Things are starting to get busy for students, too, as today was the third day of classes at MIT. Two of my favorite freshmen students dropped by together independently of each other, and both are taking one of my top-5 favorite classes at MIT: 4.101 Experiencing Architecture Studio with Professor Bill Hubbard (discussion of all five of my top-5 favorite classes in a future post). Even if you’re not planning on doing architecture at MIT, I still encourage you to take this class; it’s really awesome.

Are there any classes you’re particularly psyched to try at MIT? Check out the MIT Subject Listings to see all of the cool stuff that’s available…

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