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MIT student blogger Melis A. '08

Cake-offs, chariot races, and salsa dancing by Melis A. '08

As you may know, MIT has a strong and vibrant Greek community, made up of 27 fraternities and 5 sororities (with one more coming to campus next year.) One of the few times when every affiliated student comes together is during “Greek Week,’ which was held this year from April 27 to May 4. It was organized by the governing bodies of the fraternities (called the Interfraternity Council) and sororities (called the Panhellenic Council, or Panhel.) All of the fraternities/sororities were divided into five teams, and the teams competed against each other for the title of the Greek Week Champions.

Here are the different events and how they contributed to the team”s point total:

– Cake and pie baking contest (pictures below)
– Eating contest (pie tin filled with whipped cream and a gum ball. Find the gum ball using only your mouth and the first person to blow a bubble wins.)
– Participation (team with most cake/pie entries wins points.)

Monday: Salsa night (team with most participants wins)

Tuesday: Community service day
– Made activity books for kinds at Children”s Hospital Boston
– Bake sale where all proceeds went to the Hospital

Wednesday: “Chariot racing’ = pushing someone in a shopping cart down the Infinite Corridor

Thursday: Dodgeball tournament, with a small entry fee donated to the Children”s Hospital Boston

Friday: Powderpuff game (where girls play football and guys are the cheerleaders). Points based on how many people came to watch, how many played, and if your team won.

Sunday: Greek Convention

Throughout the week there was a “Jar War’- each team had a jar and you could either put pennies and dollar bills for positive points in your own jar, or nickels and quarters as negative points in the other jars. They raised $1300 for the Children”s Hospital!!!

As you can see, Greek Week harnesses the natural competitiveness of ambitious students while raising money for charity and having a lot of fun!

Here are pictures from the Cake-off competition. What are your favorites?

Believe it or not, several of these cakes were made by guys! Way to go, guys!


Some of my sorority sisters at the event:

ZBT shows their Greek Week spirit:

The lovely judges, who had to try so many cakes that they almost puked. (Sigma Kappa alone submitted 29, and Zeta Beta Tau submitted 20!)

The pie eating contest:

…and more, at Greek Week!

15 responses to “Cake-offs, chariot races, and salsa dancing”

  1. tina says:

    impressive smile

  2. Kevin Xu says:

    ITS REPTAR!!!!!!

  3. las1 says:

    Thanks Melis…you brought back fond memories of Greek Week while I was in college (early 1980’s!…yea, I’m old!). I was (am) a Pi Beta Phi!

  4. '11 says:

    I had not seen Reptar in years. Memories!

  5. Judy '12 says:

    That poor beaver cake… shredded to pieces my hungry mouths full of teeth raspberry

    I like the ugly cakes ^__^ some one should have made one looking like an ugly doll

  6. Judy '12 says:

    awwwwwww… It’s WALL-E >.awwwwwww… It’s WALL-E >.<

  7. the one with the roses
    and the duck!
    i like ducks.

  8. i love the reptar cake!

  9. Eoin says:

    Hey Melis! Sorry everyone is giving you such a hard time about “27 fraternities.” I mean… you totally corrected it a while ago!

    I like the ZBT cakes the best. 20! That is amazing.

  10. Sam R. '12 says:

    Those first cakes were really impressive, wow! and the ugly ones were really funny. lol.
    -sam r.

  11. Minh says:

    Greek Week was so much fun!! Thanks for coming and blogging about it, Melis smile

  12. Aditi says:

    poor tim-the-beheaded beaver raspberry

    Greek week looks awesome

  13. Man, now I’m hungry. for cake.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost too sad to eat those cakes. Especially Wall-e and the beaver! :D Almost. Though I do have an extreme aversion to icing, those DO look really good.

  15. Awesome! There are some awesome cakes there. I am coming around to this greek thing. *sigh* now I don’t just have to decide on dorms, FPOPs, classes, and advising .. but fraternities too .. I know, isn’t life rough? ^_^