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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Charmed, I’m Sure by Mitra L. '07

What I did my 2nd IAP

Pictured above are some robots from the 6.270 IAP competition. I’m writing an article about the tournament for the MyMIT website, so I won’t write much here.

On Friday, I went to Charm School. I had a hard time finding someone to go with, since people tend to get offended when you suggest that they, um, need lessons on how to dress and flirt. Matt not only blogged about this before I did, but also (miraculously!) included photos, so a lot of what you see below will look familiar.

Charming music.

I learned the charming way to “dab” (not wipe) my mouth.

I learned the charming way to flirt. It turns out that my nerdy pick up lines (“Hey, baby, can I be your derivative?”) won’t be as successful in the outside world as they are at MIT.

I learned the charming way to shake hands.

I learned the charming way to waltz.

At night, I went to the Music Theater Guild‘s production of Tommy. Not only were the MIT students great and the sets funky, the little kids who played younger Tommies (Tommys?) were really cute. The five-year old one sure played a mean pinball.

6.370 Final Round:

Check out my amazing seat. I shouldn’t complain though, since 1) I had a backrest and 2) 10-250 ended up getting so full that two people sat on every step in the aisles. Props to Kevin, whose team received 4th place =). Allison is writing an article about 6.370 for the MyMIT website, so be sure to check that out when it gets posted.

Killian Court

Kresge Auditorium

From 77 Mass Ave, looking at 84 Mass Ave.

Amherst Alley; this is the scene I see every day when I walk home.

Today’s Reg(istration) Day, another exciting time here at MIT. My plan so far is 14.03, 14.32, 14.74, 21A.348, and 21L.003, but I’ll blog about these later. LSC gave out calendars for the movies they are showing this term, and I’m happy to report I can now see Motorcycle Diaries, The Life Aquatic, Sideways, and Finding Neverland for $3 each. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssss!

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