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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Senior Ball 2007 by Mitra L. '07

Dancing and dining with 950 engineers; candids of Bryan and Sam included (~25 pics)

The 2007 Senior Ball was last Saturday night, and as a member of the planning committee, I feel it is my duty to share with you all the exciting event secrets. Seniors took a break from their theses to celebrate, among other things, the first two consecutive days of nice weather since November. The ball was titled “As Time Goes By” and the theme was Casablanca

We held it at the Boston Sheraton

In this picture, the Sheraton is the building with the red lights directly to the right of the Prudential Tower

A stock shot of a ballroom, all dolled up

Here are the 10 awesome members of the Senior Ball planning committee. Yes, we’re all girls. The odds are good…

Here are Cathie and Kavita, who focused on design for the event. Notice the casablanca lilies!!1!!cos(0)!! I applaud your careful attention to detail, ladies

Crazy tents

People love them!!

Lost in the drapery

Sorry for all these tent photos. They were amazing.

For table centerpieces, we ordered Moroccan lanterns.

They don’t look like much in these photographs,

but they created a nice feeling at the tables, no? (Especially when they illuminate butter)

Dinner tables

Our gift/party favor was a cocktail shaker. Fun yet practical

During dinner, we had a jazz band play

And then a DJ for post-dinner dancing

People go nuts

Five points if you can spot the rock star formerly known as Bryan in this picture

Some creative folks took pre-event pictures in Killian Court, where we will graduate in less than a month. Sniff

With Jeanna ’07, co-president of the Undergraduate Economics Association (UEA)

With Courtney ’09 and Adam ’07

Many photographers

OMG Sam in a tux

**Many thanks to Gheorghe ’07, from whom I stole many of these pictures**

22 responses to “Senior Ball 2007”

  1. Daniel '12 says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. Always fun to see what sort of things we’ll be experiencing soon.

  2. AjayC says:

    THIRD POST!!! BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT OF MY LIFE!!! well…erm…kinda… wink

    MIT girls can sure look good! :D

    Well I suppose I will be at the ball in the year 2012? Maybe smile

    aka FlameBird

  3. milena '11 says:

    Well, I must say your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! And those tents do look cool smile

  4. Anonymous says:

    Has Spam decided to stop blogging?

  5. jenn'11 says:

    that looks a lot more fun than highschool prom!

  6. Karen says:

    That’s such a great theme – everything (and everyone) looked beautiful. My high school prom themes were all fairly uncreative.

  7. Ashesh says:

    I wish I could be there. Didn’t make it. :-(

  8. elvis says:

    The pictures are great!

  9. elvis says:

    The pictures are great!

  10. clomid says:

    Very nice site!

  11. Haha :D

    I got married with a “MIT Girl” a few years ago. The only problem is that she still don’t want to cook raspberry

    Very nice pictures! smile

    Martin Cabello

  12. Anonymous says: is the best search engine for pics!

  13. HUnter R. says:

    Funny story about those butter balls. A couple of weeks ago we had our Junior/Senior Banquet. And at this banquet there were nice, small appetizers before our big meal. Cheesecake (Which I thought was a dessert), salad, crackers, and cheese balls. At least that is what we thought until we shoved some in our mouth. BLEH!


  14. Hi,
    that was a gr8 briefing of a fabulous BALL…
    well done…

  15. Hi,
    that must have been a fabulous BALL…
    well done…

  16. Hi,
    that must have been a fabulous BALL…
    well done…

  17. gautam says:

    hey awesome ,to see a indian at mit again.
    gr8 party works. very good!!!!!