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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Class of 2009 note #2 by Matt McGann '00

Many of you have already received it, but for those of you anxiously awaiting your Interactive Introduction to the Institute (i3) video introduction to MIT’s dorms, you can watch the trailer here:

2005 i3 Trailer

The i3 project features all 11 of MIT’s dorms. The preliminary housing lottery will run June 1-17.

As a historical note, I helped to secure the funding for the very first i3 project, and several of my very close friends were the “fathers/mothers” of the project. I’m happy to see it continue. Hopefully it will assist all of you with your housing choices.

What is important to you in a living environment? Where are you thinking of living? MIT students/alums, what advice would you have for incoming freshmen in choosing their dorm?

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