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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Class of 2009 Numbers by Matt McGann '00

In a recent post, I wrote, "Our yield was even higher than we had expected. More news on the yield and makeup of the class soon (though preliminarily there are a few numbers I'm very excited about…)." This left a few people quite intrigued. For example, Laura commented, "Hmm…I know you can't tell us yet, but when you do, can you let us know which numbers excite you? Because that comment intrigues me…" Wait no longer! Here are this year's exciting numbers.

The MIT Class of 2009

  • 14% admit rate. We received 10,443 applications and admitted 1495 of those students, making this the most selective year ever in MIT admissions.


  • 67% yield. This represents MIT's highest overall yield (the percentage of admitted students who decide to enroll) on record. The numbers won't completely settle for a little while, but I expect the class will ultimately be about 1000 students.



  • 47% female, 53% male. Yes, you read that right: the MIT Class of 2009 will be composed of 53% male students and 47% female students. Previously, the most balanced class was the Class of 2007 at 55% male/45% female.



  • 10% international citizens. Many thanks to the International Students Association for their help with outreach efforts. We had an 86% yield on international citizens, an all-time high.



  • The largest represented state, as usual, is California (12%). Number 2 is New York at about 10%. The largest represented foreign countries are Canada and South Korea.



  • Fun stuff: the most popular male names in the class (tied) are David and Michael (14 each). The most popular female name is Sarah (12) (there are also 4 women named Sara).


Class of 2009 Orientation is less than three months away!

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