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MIT blogger CJ Q. '23

CPW Problem: What Can People Wear? by CJ Q. '23

CJ pragmatically writes concerning poor weather

(Condensed pre-word: CJ pens without constrained phenomenon within comments. Perhaps written clearer? Proceed warily.)

Campus Preview Weekend, commonly pronounced/written “CPW”, progresses. Welcome, current prefrosh, welcome!

CPW’s putative weather contraption prevents wetness. Contrarily, previous weather’s cold, pale, windy. Campus publication writings, covering precipitation, whence:

text, a column called "true boston weather"

CJ’s provenance: warmer climate, Philippines. Whereby, CJ’s perennially warm childhood purged worries concerning pallid winters. Celsius present within; convert personally, whoops.

climate data for manila. coldest average weather is 25 degrees celsius, average is around 30 celsius

Cambridge? Prevailing wetness, constant precipitation, windstorms. Copious puddles, wherever. Challenging personally, when CJ previously went. CJ prepared wrongly. Consequently, people, watch calculations pertaining weather! Coming present weekend, ceaseless pouring, widespread.

upcoming cambridge weather this weekend, mostly rain. thursday precipitation graph shown, with high chance of rain thursday night.

Careful, please! Weather conjectures prevaricate: wind cuts perceived warmth.

wind chill illustration. without wind, body radiates heat, and felt temp = air temp. with wind, heat blown away, and felt temp is less than air temp. for example, on thursday night, felt temp is 4 celsius and air temp is 8 celsius.

Concerned prefrosh wonder: clothing? Preserving warmth comes per warm coatings. Put warm clothes past warmer clothes.

Parkas, windbreakers, cloaks, pullovers; which clothes protect well? Costly, purchasing winter clothing. Ponder, weigh, consider: present wardrobe clothing, probably wind-compatible. Pick wool cloth, polyester wear. (Correspondence per workmate: cotton persists wetness.)

discord message from petey explaining how synthetics/wool are better than cotton for staying dry

Clothing poorly waterproof? Consider: parasol! Wetness compounds pain, worsens coldness. Prevent wetness, carry parasol.

outer layers should prevent rain, but without that, umbrellas/shade work too

Wisdom: campus placement’s warm. Clandestine place: walkways. CJ persists within cover per winter; counteracting pitiful weather. Come prance within convenient, prizewinning walkways.

mit has tunnels, basement hallways connecting most of main campus, so you don't have to go outside to go between buildings

(Concurrently, permit wandering! CPW possesses wackiness, curiosity precedes whimsy. Catch pretty walls, colorful paintings. Wonderment comes pervasively when cheerful people watch closely. Please witness: CJ plunging wildly.)

Campus Preview Weekend? Clearer phrase wanted: Cambridge Precipitation Worsens. Consequently, prevent worst case: prepare wisely!