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CJ Q. '23

MIT blogger CJ Q. '23


What does it take to get to know someone? I could tell you that I’m an international student from the Philippines, or that I live in East Campus.

We could talk about the things I like, if that will help. We could talk for hours about Stardew Valley and how email works and Clover. I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite board games. We can play Spirit Island or Go or Arboretum. We could listen to music all afternoon, and I’ll tell you all about my favorite artists.

Or we could go on an adventure. We could go to the Museum of Fine Arts and talk about all the artwork. We could go to a party and dance until two in the morning. Or we could go on a road trip, and I'll try my best not to get motion sick.

We can sit in the lounge and watch a movie together. And we'll talk about capitalism, and loneliness, and love. And sometimes it gets quiet enough that I forget about all the homework I have to do, and for a moment, it'd feel like I could live forever. And maybe you’d feel the same way.

And then we could tell each other stories.

But until then, I hope you enjoy reading mine.