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June 2021: Although our office is still closed to visitors, you can still get a feel for MIT by signing up today for an 🔮 online session or student-led tour.

MIT staff blogger Chris Peterson SM '13

CPW on the Web by Chris Peterson SM '13

CPW comes to you...ON THE INTERNET

Other than spending a few hours last night brütally annihilating people in Göd öf Wär III*, I, like everyone else in the office, have spent most of the last week working on stuff for Campus Preview Weekend, including how to make it more accessible for the students who attend.

One thing you should know about CPW is that it’s absolutely massive. We have well over 600 events over the course of a few days, and the prefrosh add 25% to the undergraduate population for the weekend they’re here. The MIT community is incredibly devoted to CPW, hosts a ton of excellent events, and generally makes this one of the most BAMF weekends on the East Coast.

The difficulty, of course, posed by such an abundance of awesomeness is how to keep track of it all!

In the past, we’ve given our CPW attendees novel-length directories of the events and important stuff at CPW. And we’ll still be doing that this year.

However, we’ll also be introducing some online options, including:

iPhone/iPod App:

Leading off the list is the MIT CPW app for the iPhone OS, available for both the phone and the iPod Touch series. The app is free, and features:

  • A searchable directory of events and their descriptions, ordered by date and time, with each listing mashed up with a Google Map so you know exactly where it is on campus.
  • The ability to “favorite” or “bookmark” events that then show up in a separate subsection.
  • A separate directory of “parents” events (parevents???).
  • Shuttle schedule and information.

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
The app was created by Bridger Maxwell ’13, a Course VI major and iPhone Developer. The short URL for the app is


Not everyone uses the iPhone OS, so we’re making the calendar available in open formats as well. Ben Weissmann, ’14 (a prefrosh attending CPW himself) thoughtfully wrote a Ruby script to scrape the schedule off of our site and put it into iCal format, which we then extended using Google Calendar.

So if you don’t have an iPhone, or want to do something with the schedule data yourself, here you go:

And here’s the agenda itself:


Last but not least, we’ll be tweeting up a storm. As with last year, the main account is @mitcpw (managed by Admissions Officer Jen Wong, who deserves a big thanks for managing it). The hashtag is #mitcpw. The whole admissions team will be tweeting to that hashtag (generally retweeted by @mitcpw as well) and I personally am at @peteyMIT.

Hopefully, these web tools will help keep you connected at CPW. If something breaks, or if you have a suggestion of something else we could do to make things more accessible, just drop me a line!

See you next weekend!

* umlauts are performative. Don’t try to pronounce it like this unless you want people to look at you weirdly and ask if you’re recovering from protracted dental surgery.

15 responses to “CPW on the Web”

  1. LAVA says:

    first! (i’ve never done this before)
    chris, thanks! and MANY THANKS to bridger and ben!
    see you ’14s @ CPW!

  2. Ramya says:

    Already downloading the iTouch app.

    So excited for CPW!!!! Ahaha

  3. genius ('18) says:

    AWESOME! i-apps, google calendar, twitter…
    it almost makes this obsolete:
    “…if you have a suggestion of something else we could do to make things more accessible, just drop me a line! “
    Although I think the funniest line of the whole post was:
    “* umlauts are performative. Don’t try to pronounce it like this unless you want people to look at you weirdly and ask if you’re recovering from protracted dental surgery.”


  4. Hmmm. I just tried saying it. As a student of German, I must say, that was not terribly difficult to pronounce.
    That being said, I did get some pretty weird stares. So you were 50% right.

  5. Amethyst says:

    Whoo! CPW!! Have fun, guys! Please put stuff online and in the blogs for all of us currently non-MITers… :D

  6. Amethyst says:

    Heehee. On the other hand, I will be at NASA while CPW is going on, so it’s not so bad after all. Will be with you in spirit. ^_^

  7. Jochi Pochi says:

    OMG I so would like to attend to the Origami and Smoothies, it sounds incredible!!!!
    Can I have more info on the “Underground capture the flag” I think my mind has blown with the idea to do that, it sounds really interesting.
    To all people that are going: Have fun for me too!! smile

  8. bk says:

    Hey, during the web cast they said there would be an app for people using android operating system. Is this true?

  9. JRB says:

    good to see another ps3 user haha

  10. genius ('18) says:

    NASA? Doing What? Something MIT-related?

  11. Victor says:

    Congrats to admitted students! I applied for MIT admission as a transfer student. I’m wondering when the good news for transfer students will be released. I think I’ve read it somewhere that it’ll be announced on May 8. Chris, is it true? Thanks alot!

  12. My my my Chris….BAMF = *swearing* to me

  13. Steven Jens says:

    Thanks for the ruby script! I’ll try it our right now

  14. Amethyst says:

    @genius(’18): I’m going to NASA Houston for an Overnight Visit program–not sure if we’re staying there or nearby, but hopes are it will be even more awesome than last year’s trip. smile We will see the neutral buoyancy lab, go through the Johnson Space Center, talk with NASA astronauts and engineers, and build some simple robots. So vaguely, if not directly, MIT-related. Best slightly-late b-day present ever!

  15. yahooligans says:

    Sweet! Psyched for CPW!