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Cultured by Hamsika C. '13

C-Show 2011 smile

A couple of noteworthy events took place yesterday:

(1) I discovered that I was capable of turning off my alarm and going back to sleep, without any conscious knowledge of my actions.

(2) I listened to my 18.03 (diff eq) professor sing in class, to general applause and awe.

(3) I ate my first blueberry bagel ever and decided immediately to eat many more in the future.

(4) I learned that the ratio of Dunkin’ Donuts to Starbucks locations in Watertown, MA is like 200:1. Seriously. Soo many Dunkins.


(5) I had a blast at Culture Show 2011 :)

C-Show is an annual event put on each April by the South Asian American Society (SAAS). It brings together MIT students from a variety of races, backgrounds, and years for what is essentially one big showcase of music and dance. I blogged a little about C-Show previously, even though I didn’t get a chance to take part in C-Show last year. I did this year though!

This year’s theme was Inception, and interspersed between the different acts were short video sequences, scripted by Ram ’13 and Dhruv ’13 (this year’s C-Show chairs), and edited by Rishi ’14 (yup, this Rishi). These segments told the story of an inception attempt that failed in the face of true love; they were absolutely hilarious.

Partly because I was participating in some of the acts and partly because I maxed out my memory card, I only got a chance to capture a few videos of performances, one of which you can check out on here. I’ve been having some trouble uploading videos; once I fix it, I’ll add more to my public :)

Edit: More C-Show videos can be found here; thanks to Jeanne ’13 for uploading them!

Mad props to SAAS board for putting on an awesome show last night:

Enjoy the video (soon to be videos)! And look out for another entry soon about, oh I don’t know, MIT’s newest Truman scholar? :) Up close and personal.

6 responses to “Cultured”

  1. Jeanne '13 says:

    woooooooo C-Show / blueberry bagels / Anjali!!! :D

    Let me know if you need more videos smile

  2. Sammy '15 says:

    Yesss for #1! And that sounds awesome! You always have the best posts, Hamsika! (btwFIRST!)

  3. Hamsika '13 says:

    @ Panonymous – i hope you were kidding? i blog because i want to give prefrosh as diverse a picture of MIT as possible – and not simply because i get paid to blog…

  4. Panonymous says:

    @Hamsika ’13
    OK smile

  5. Panonymous says:

    have you been blogging because your short on money these days..?? raspberry

  6. Anjali '12 says:

    <3 You!! you are fantastic!