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MIT student blogger Stanley G.

Day 1: Going North by Stanley G.

Leaving the light pollution bubble to go to class?


I kid I kid, though I could write an entire post in Japanese if I wanted to. Maybe I will later, but today’s not that day.

I just wanted to share this picture (sorry it’s blurry, I’ll have a better quality one next time I promise):

It’s a lake, it’s frozen. I am standing on it while taking this picture. For a person who grew up in very arid parts of the west coast, I feel like a boss right now.

Sometimes, even during IAP, even after being stuck at home for 6 (yes, for real, thanks mister snow storm) extra days than intended before coming back to campus, I forget that there’s a world outside the MIT bubble. Sounds crazy, right? Well, do you want to leave home when you have so much fun with the people in your family and feel comfortable there? The answer to that is usually no, especially when your home is a college campus where events and famous people will often come to you.

The reason I’m off campus is actually for a class that’s part of GEL – Project Engineering. So you have to wonder, why did they bring us out to New Hampshire to do this? Wouldn’t it have been a lot warmer and more convenient in a classroom on campus?

Well sometimes I have to leave where I spend most of my time, take a deep breath, look up at the stars and tell myself that everything’s going to be alright. How the class itself goes will be another story, but I do like looking up at a clear night sky away from the city. You can say that’s cheesy, and that I didn’t actually answer the question, but hey, I feel what I feel.

Also electric blankets: if you don’t have one, you should get one. It’s pretty awesome.