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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

Dear July by Danny and Allan G. '20


Inspired by Ceri’s Dear July 

Dear July,  

You are special this time.

Not that you weren’t before,

but it’s just that this time you are particularly special. 

Because you are the last one that precedes certainty – at least for now.


You brought us work experience that challenged us, July. We got some things right and many things wrong. But we learned from the mistakes and are prepared to do better when we meet your older sister August. 

a computer drawing showing what our computer graphics research vaguely looked like

You were kind, July. You let us spend time with our high school friend, who is working close by! And we went on walks with our mom every night! Okay fine, almost every night. 

a drawing of the path we took walks on

You were also not-so-kind, July. You made us move again, for the sixth time specifically 

a drawing of boxes piled on top of a person lying down with a cherry on top

(fifth, if we only count the times we remember)

a drawing of our mom holding luggage and us as babies

But it wasn’t all bad. We dug up so many memories, pictures, and projects that we hadn’t seen in years, and laughed a lot! So for that, thank you.

an image of a hand made 9-tails finger puppet

But mostly, you were confusing July. Senior year is coming up. You reaffirmed our choices, but then made us question them. You made us excited for the future, but also scared. We made spreadsheets and lists, and spoke conversations and conditionals. 

a drawing of a file cabinet about to burst open

Still, we are taking your confusion into tomorrow, despite our efforts to organize it away. So we will welcome the uncertainty that succeeds you, and take things one day at a time. Just like we did with you. 

a drawing of a file cabinet exploded open