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Deferred by Decisions

A forum

We’ll have some advice and instructions for Deferred students shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to use this forum to chat.

100 responses to “Deferred”

  1. Joe says:

    Guess I’m the first to comment?
    Deferred, but I know that I have plenty of opportunities in front of me! I feel it’s an honor just to be deferred! Thank you for taking me into consideration MIT!

  2. Justin says:

    DEFERRED… Now what??

  3. anon says:

    now 3 more months of winter

  4. Woohoo says:

    Yay for not being rejected!

  5. Tony says:

    Now for the long wait…

  6. Mo Lam says:

    At least it is not rejected.

  7. Jack says:

    Haha can’t say I didn’t expect that raspberry

  8. Peixuan Guo says:

    I’m just happy to be not rejected!

  9. Ramya says:

    I agree with “Woohoo” ~!

    Waiting is toughhh.

  10. Petar says:

    That’s too bad.

  11. JF('14?) says:

    Another 3 months…

  12. Dave says:

    Deferred isn’t so bad. Honestly, I am quite happy to not be rejected!

  13. Geoffrey says:

    Yep. It’s all just another stressful wait again. Well, good luck to everyone, and congrats to all the admits!

  14. Jess says:

    I just let a huge sigh out because now I’m less stressed! Can’t say that I’m too disappointed though.

    But now I’m kind of dreading the questions of nosy people at my school…

  15. Parker says:

    I like how this thread will be at least ten times bigger than the other threads combined. Early D was a painful option.

  16. Juan says:

    damn it… now i have to apply to all the other schools.

  17. John says:

    Whew…not rejected. That little spark of hope has not died yet!

  18. Welp, less stress now, but in March it’s going to be so, so much worse. At least they’re interested in me! I love you, MIT! Gimmie a chance!

  19. Ragini says:

    i am quite annoyed, but at least there is yet hope!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to work at an admission someday to see what sorts of people colleges really look for.

  21. ??? says:

    Does anybody know the percentage of the deferred applicants who are eventually accepted?

  22. Dan says:

    I thought waiting the last week was hard enough. I’ve been counting hours since 2 days ago. Well, needless to say, I’m a little disappointed. I guess my fate will be decided in three months then.

  23. Kaley ('14?) says:

    Like everyone, I am happy enough to not be rejected that I can’t complain.

    “twice inQuest”, perhaps that means second time’s the charm?

  24. Cherice says:

    I agree with Dave! Being deferred isn’t so bad and the fact that I wasn’t rejected outright allowed me to give a huge sigh of relief and finally begin to properly study for my calc final tomorrow! There’s still hope you guys! Don’t worry smile

  25. Lisa says:

    three month is too long.

  26. Neo says:

    wooo…second best?

  27. Christine says:

    At least I’m still in the running and I got accepted somewhere else today. Not too depressed.

  28. tree says:

    Well, I guess i can go back to my normal life of actions now. Enough waiting for a day.
    See you guys in three months! And good luck to all(including the accepted and the denied).

  29. Tyler Devan says:

    Well. I suppose it’s time to restart the countdown and fill out some backup applications. At least it’s not a denial.

  30. Saman says:

    Sad…very sad. more apps, more wait, more anxiety.

  31. Joshua says:

    I sort of expected this…

    Nevertheless I was really hoping that I would be able to get in. Oh well, I guess i’ll just have to use those 3 months to make myself a better candidate for MIT. Congratulations to all those who got in!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I was expecting exuberant joy or horrid despair. Instead, I was just quiet. I just sat there, and am still just sitting here. I’m not looking forward to answering “deferred” 50 times tomorrow.

  33. Taymon says:

    Oh, well. Maybe come March.

  34. Anonymoose says:

    Deferred as expected. I’m not too worried – if I get in RD I get in, if I don’t I don’t. I’ve got plenty of other great schools I’m applying to in the meantime, so no need to stress out.

  35. David says:

    What can I say? I am in Limbo. Didn’t get rejected but didn’t get admitted. Back to waiting…again.

  36. David Zhou says:

    God bless the admissions officers for giving me this chance, and good luck to everyone!

  37. Snad says:

    now we all have time to go back out there and push ourselves for the next three months to prove that we belong here!Good luck to all of you!

  38. Emily '13 says:

    Don’t talk like it’s over. MIT is *still* considering me. grin I know–I got in RD after being deferred EA. wink

    Don’t worry about their questions. “Deferred” does not mean “rejected.” Just look at other colleges and keep MIT somewhere in your mind until RD decisions come out. grin

  39. portofships says:

    Hello, 3,983 other deferees… I was definitely expecting this, so can’t say I’m too disappointed. At least all my work on my other apps won’t be going to waste.

  40. Well, I’m calmed down now. I’m no longer shaking in nervousness. Here’s hoping for a good March.

  41. Justin says:

    It’s going to be annoying trying to explain to others that I didn’t actually get in, when everyone I know has been convinced that I’ll get accepted…

  42. Matt says:

    Yup. Deferred >.Yup. Deferred >.<

  43. Anonymous says:

    i was hoping for a finite decision, didn’t happen. now I can forget about it (sort of) for the next 3 months.

  44. Will says:

    Well, three more months then? Bring it on.

  45. Ah. No tube for me then. @???: I heard it’s around 8-9%.

  46. Anonymous says:

    there’s still a chance for us

  47. James says:

    Can’t say I’m psyched to wait another 3 months, but we didn’t get rejected I guess…

  48. Rahul Rege says:

    It was a 10.4% rate but I mean we can’t be too dissapointed guys. Let’s just try and spruce up our applications and get thru this with our dignity.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Oh well, no big deal, just have to wait until March.

  50. Val'14? says:

    Well it doesn’t feel as bad as I expected. (Cuz I expected this. @@)
    Well it’s an honor to be in consideration of MIT!!
    We still get a chance.wink
    But honestly, three months is a painful period of time.
    @Jess Me too!
    @??? I think someone said around 8% ?
    Not a pretty number but it’s still a number. =)

  51. Rachel says:

    So if the majority of people applying EA get deferred, why have an EA option?

    Serves me right, I was jumping up and down for half an hour waiting for the answer…oh, wait–try another few months!

    Thank goodness I’m at least in the pile of possibles smile.

  52. Ben says:

    tomorrow will not be fun telling everyone I got deferred lol…so many of these responses ring true

  53. George says:

    So yeah guys congrats on getting all our stuff in on time! Hopefully a ton of us will get in on the Regular Admissions round!

  54. wingly says:

    NO WORRIES. WE WEREN’T REJECTED! Yesssssss! It’s going to be weird to go to school tomorrow and find out that people have gotten in (especially since there’s one girl at my school who was basically guaranteed to get in!) but I’m happy I can say “I WASN’T REJECTED! MIT…kind of/sort of/a little bit loves me.” Hee. Be pumped for March, guys!

  55. I’m not disappointed at all, just relieved to be considered even slightly competitive by the admissions folks.

    Now I have to do other apps though :(

  56. Ben '14 says:

    Somehow I knew that would happen. I’m not worried, though – I got accepted elsewhere already (at a *certain other school*) so I know I’m going somewhere next year.

    To everyone else who’s in limbo – don’t lose hope, keep doing the things you do best, and be happy. smile

  57. Agh says:

    Here we go again =/

  58. Tim says:

    Damn. I’m a little surprised. My friends and acquaintances were convinced I would get in, so I started to expect it. Also, this is the first major academic challenge I haven’t succeeded in, so I’m used to things being easy.

    I keep thinking I should have tried harder… should have studied more for the SATs… should have revised my essays better… should have taken another year of Spanish… should have, should have, should have. Anyway, I think I have a chance in regular decision.

    I’m wondering about the statistics for those admitted in early action. What were the average SAT scores? What did the GPAs look like? How many worked as interns, and how many were involved in research?

    I guess what I really want to know is: how close was I?

  59. JVVC says:

    The suspense, heightened merely moments ago, shall build again. Let us wait and see.

  60. Dan says:

    *Limbo* is an excellent word to describe Defferal. Butit just means I’m going to push myself THAT much harder.

  61. Snad says:

    yeah i as well can’t wait for those stats to come out. i don;t even know if i can improve my scores, but i’ll surely try!
    and i’ve done research at MIT too, oh well, time keeps moving

  62. Kevin M. says:

    I had a bit of an interesting situation.

    I submitted my application part 2 on October 31 for EA, like many did. My Teacher evaluations were submitted at the very least one week before. Also on this day were my music and art portfolios submitted. My music portfolio was simply never received – never evaluated. My evaluation A was submitted six times before it was finally received by the admissions folks. It was faxed four times and e-mailed twice (and then one more time for safety, I guess that makes seven if you wish to count that). It was not received until yesterday at roughly five o’clock EST. The odds are very low for losing of evaluations, but I imagine they are far less for losing an evaluation five times. What are the chances?

    Hopefully I was actually evaluated, and not immediately stuck in the defer pile for not having a finished application. Of course I know MIT wouldn’t do that, but that was certainly my fear. And maybe my sanity-preservation story. This process has been more than stressful.

    Until March…

  63. Shruti says:

    Deferred. I’m happy that I wasn’t rejected, and I’m hoping for the best in the Regular Decision round. Good luck to everyone!

  64. Jeremy says:

    uhh, back to apps again and a ton of anxiety. But props for not getting rejected everyone.

  65. Justin says:


    I want to know how close I was too! It’s frustrating not knowing if I missed it by a hair or if I am actually at the bottom of the deferral pile.

  66. Cole '14? says:

    Well guys, this next 3 months are going to really stink. But we’ve got the holidays to look forward too. Think of it as incentive to really do well on your exams for that mid year report

  67. Trilok S says:

    well, we have to remember,that when we started early action, we had 20% chance (statistically). now,we still have about a 10% chance(statistically).

  68. gocrimson! says:

    APPLY TO HARVARD! it’s better here.

  69. Ashton says:

    That’s super cold. I stared at the clock for literally 5 minutes before I clicked, then there it is. Deferred. On the other hand, I’m not out yet. (neither are 4000 other people though)

  70. Brittany says:

    At least we are all still in the running! This will be quite the exercise in patience, waiting till March. Best of luck to all of you for when we get our decisions!

  71. Snad says:

    Interview at Tufts tomorrow, and Harvard on Friday! Hope i get in somewhere.

    Pi Day here we come!

  72. JpKotyla says:

    Didn’t get my number 1 christmas present but at least i have a second chance. I’m going go eat some comfort food now.

  73. Kay says:

    ^ Just what I was thinking XD

    Pumpkin pie time!

  74. Sean Batir says:

    To be deferred is to transcend beyond the dichotomy of “yes” or “no.”

    To be deferred is to breath out the anxiety of the past.
    To be deferred is to breathe in the hope to come.

    To be deferred is to discover the opportunity for evolution.
    To be deferred is to perceive… am I the fit for MIT? Where do I fit?
    To be deferred is to embrace one’s qualities that make him or her unique.

    It is to find those qualities, to harness our energies, and to mold ourselves into who we truly are. Not to fit MIT’s mold, but to fit OUR mold. MY mold.

    Three months time may tell,
    if with Beavers, we belong.
    Three months time may tell,
    if not, we shall stay strong.

    To be deferred is not NO.
    To be deferred is not YES.
    To be deferred is
    the Absence of Both.
    The Potential for Either.

    The Great Antithesis, the Great Paradox
    To be Deferred.

    EA Deferred Applicant 2014

  75. Brent says:

    I notice they deferred the advice for deferred applicants. Strangely fitting…
    Oh well, at least I got into Caltech early.

  76. anonymous says:

    I feel like a ball being juggled. A puzzle piece, if you may, that doesn’t quite fit into their definition of a varied and interesting class. I am willing to bet that the white, middle class, and college-educated parents bit didn’t exactly wow them at the admissions box office.

  77. Tim says:


    You’re right. I score higher than most of the people around me, and it has warped my sense of perspective. The reason why I applied to MIT is to try to fix that.

  78. Roo says:

    Hmmmm…….. :/
    If I win any other awards, find out any other facts in my life, can I send it to MIT through somewhere to help the reviewers recieve a wider perspective of my application?

  79. John says:

    I found a disreprency…not sure if this is real or just something I’m overlooking.

    On this site (The “EA Decisions” post), the number of deferred applicants is listed as 3893.

    However, on this one (“Admissions Statistics for the class entering in the fall of 2009/2010”, it’s listed as 3594.

    Can someone clear this up? Thanks.

  80. Snively says:

    The second link contains last year’s statistics.

  81. '13 says:

    @ John
    The Admissions Statistics site refers to the class of 2013. Since more students applied this year (for 2014), there will be more deferrals.

  82. Val'14? says:

    I guess if we can redo our app essays we will have a new material for 12c). XD

    But secind chances are rare and we should all be grateful for that.
    Happy holidays everyone! =)

  83. jen4jesus says:

    Just remember guys…whether accepted, denied, or deferred none of us are alone. Wow, fellow deferees, we were actually considered by MIT!!! Feels great if you ask me! We must have done something right. Maybe MIT sees a glimmer of hope in us like we see in our letters tonight…
    Good luck to you all and God bless!

    @wingly: you put it awesomely and you made my day smile loved your post

  84. Snad says:

    I think those stats from the second one, are from last years class, aka fall of 2009, we are fall of 2010.

  85. Fish says:

    @John: 2009/2010 references last year’s class. This year’s class would be labeled fall of 2010/2011.

  86. Harris says:

    I’m valedictorian of my class, got deferred. Salutatorian got in. She’s female, I’m male. But at least I was right on who would get in. raspberry

  87. charles says:

    hey it’s better to be deferred than to be denied right?
    still got a fighting chance =)

  88. allison says:

    deferred! I was pleasantly surprised!
    now on to my regular apps. fun stuff. (I like how I will still find out my MIT decision before I find out about those. yay for MIT being prompt).

  89. Ben '14 says:

    @Brent: hey, we’re in the same boat. smile

  90. Tim says:

    Ugh. Now I have to do more college apps…what a downer. Not to mention I don’t get to tell my teachers I was accepted…oh well.

    Here’s to March!

  91. Aimon says:

    I really don’t understand how you people can be excited for being deferred. I see it as failure. It doesn’t matter if we are accepted in the spring, we were still beaten. I apologize for killing the mood but that is just my viewpoint

  92. Knight says:

    *sign* deferred…have to wait again. I was so tense today that i barely had any sleep last night…and to find out that it was a deferred.

    well, at least i didnt get rejected right off the back, that means there’s still hope…

  93. '13 says:

    Don’t lose hope guys!

    Having been deferred in EA and then waitlisted in RD and finally being accepted in April, I can assure you that it is well worth any wait!

  94. Anonymous says:

    I would have to agree with Aimon…

    Why should anyone be happy with being “second best”?

  95. Hang says:

    really sad about not being accepted, but it’s better than being denied….

  96. monica says:

    I don’t care – MIT AND Caltech didn’t reject me! I can deal…’cause it’s not second best, it’s simply not perfect – and assuming we’re people, nobody’s always perfect :D